Anyone in a sexless marriage?

Is anyone in a marriage without sex? My husband and I haven’t had sex in almost a year. There are many possible excuses such as testicular cancer, low progesterone, weight gain by me (might be a problem in my head as he’s never said anything about it, but I have body image issues, and he judges overweight people VERY harshly). We are at a point where I don’t even feel like opening up to him anymore, and he won’t go to counseling. But I love our life even if it’s just as friends. What have others done in this situation??


I’m sorry no I cannot relate at all, if it’s for medical reasons maybe understandable but if no , time to see what’s up I’d say


My husband and i haven’t done anything in over a year bc I’m having unknown reasons for painful intercourse. He says he understand…but I know deep down he’s probably upset.

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If it works for you - who else cares. My wife and I have not had sex in over a year.


4 years. He was a whole ass lie… divorced his ass

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If it works for you it works. But I’d say you need to talk about it.


Its not about the sex anyway…its the love you have for one another


3 years here lmao not complaining


If there are other forms of affection there…not a problem. But if it is sexless and like living with a roommate… deal breaker. And also needs to be other forms of affection to keep things going in the bedroom…people get comfortable and forget.


Yeah this happened to me after I had my last baby… He ended up leaving me and tried cheating (other woman wasnt interested) I would say no sex is a red flag…


Sounds like issues need to get worked out with counseling and effort needs to be made on both of your parts or you need to end the marriage and just be friends. I personally would not like being in a romanticless sexless marriage. That’s what friends are for.


Sex doesn’t make a marriage, but this must bother you if you made a post about it asking for advice. My advice is to open up to your husband. You have to have open communication in a relationship.


2.5 years here! He still sticks around so it must not be that bad…in all seriousness tho, we had a baby in Feb 2019 and I had a very traumatic delivery. I don’t want anyone or anything down there in my bits lol I’m also dealing with the after effects with healing still. He understands at the end of the day.


Communication is key!!

Marriage isn’t about sex.


You deserve to be treated like the Queen you are.

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You should be able to talk to your partner about anything and everything. I hope things work out for you! & for the weight gain please love yourself! Confidence is sexy on its own you got this :slightly_smiling_face:

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No sex at all is a huge red flag, it is NOT normal behavior in a marriage


I heard something one time and it’s very true
“If ya ain’t fuckin, ya ain’t happy”

Enjoy & embrace what you have–it’s never been a sex thing for me…#1 I am not married
#2 I don’t want that kind of relationship anymore-