Anyone make a den into a nursery?

Has anyone ever used a Den (like a condo den/office) as a nursery!? Please show me pics if so! Pros and cons?

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I turned my den into a bedroom for my stepdaughter. I turned my laundry room (it is very large) into a nursery nook for my baby girl. When she out grows her crib she will move into my youngest son’s room. And my youngest son share a room with my oldest son. We have a lot of kids and not enough bedrooms for all of them to have their own rooms. But we made it work.

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We have a 3 bedroom house but one of them was considered an office because it’s so small, probably could fit a full size bed and maybe a tiny dresser if you’re lucky, but it has a closet and we made that room our nursery and it works great for a crib, changing table and dresser. I’m sure once we are out of the crib/changing table age, a toddler bed, dresser, and toys will fit perfectly. We chose to make that the nursery because it is the closest room to our master bedroom. The only con is that we use our spare bedroom to store things that wont fit in the nursery but that’s no big deal. Do what you have to do mama, you’ll make it work!

We turned a walk in closet into a nursery 25 years ago for our son

I don’t have any old pictures, but our den was converted.

Babies dont need much space. A bassinet or playpen and a small space for clothes and diapers is all you really need.

We have a 4 bedroom house well 4th is considered a den. We had to make that my step sons room. It fits his bed, and two toy organizers. It’s small but it works for us. My oldest has his own room and my other 3 girls share a room.