Anyone take setraline while breastfeeding?

I was prescribed sertraline last week for PND. Since having my second daughter nine weeks ago, I have really struggled with severe anxiety and low mood. I get extremely cross with my husband and eldest daughter and have struggled to bond with my new baby. I snap easily, and my husband (whilst very supportive) has said I am unbearable to live with. I snapped over the weekend and ended up walking out on the three of them, whilst it was only for 3 hours, I had left him with a hungry baby, and my eldest was very upset as I had shouted in front of her, which I never do!! Whilst on the one hand I am tempted to give up breastfeeding to have some self-care and fix myself as I know the baby will get fed regardless, it’s currently the only thing I know I can do right by my baby, and I am really enjoying it. My question is really; I haven’t started taking the medication yet as I am concerned for the side effects it could have on my newborn as I have read that is does go into your milk supply. Has any mother experienced changes in their baby because of the medication?


I’ve been on it for two years, while breastfeeding. I have not noticed any changes with baby and lots of positive changes within my self. I am more patient, calm, happy, and a little bit chubbier (weight gain is a side effect).


Hun…FEEDING your baby is doing right by your baby. Healthy mommy is important. You cant pour from an empty cup love.

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I never comment on these posts. But I took it for 18 months with my first while BF, perfectly safe as long as the dose is low enough. Take care of yourself. :pray:


I still fed my baby whilst on this and she is fine… Just turned 6. Your mental health is so important x


Try asking LaLecheLeague, or research on PubMed.

Take care of you. You are important.

I breastfed all 4 of my babies while taking Setraline and they did fine. Go ahead and start taking it, you will feel better.

I also had to give up breastfeeding before I wanted to for my mental health. You can’t give from an empty cup! Do whatever is best for you :two_hearts:

I’m not on sertraline anymore due to personal side effects prepregnancy but I am Lamotrigine which is very similar and also goes into the milk. I haven’t had any problems with it effecting my baby at all. Of course still watch for shifting in behavior like them not eating and becoming lethargic just in case as everyone is different. If there are any side effects you can have your doctor change it to another medication just make sure they don’t mess with your prolactin so you don’t lose your supply like I almost did with aripiprazole

If you are that concerned about side effects, please stop breastfeeding and care for yourself. If you don’t, you will not be able to care for your family otherwise. I had very severe post-partum psychosis that included hallucinations and other issues, culminating in a suicide attempt. If you need the medication to keep you home please take it. Your baby needs all of you, not just breastmilk.

I don’t know what “PND” is , but I believe sertraline is generic for Zoloft. I have been on it and had severe mood swings, low sex drive, trouble sleeping, (the list goes on). If it is what your taking, it could be the issue. Good luck :+1:

I took sertraline while pregnant and while breast feeding and didn’t have any side effects.

You may take care of you. I would follow the doctors recommendations to get through this very uncomfortable period. Prayers.

I was on sertraline while pregnant and nursed my baby after. She doesn’t have any problems from the medication.

The only thing I was told while pregnant on that medication is just slight withdrawal from the baby but nothing more I didn’t see a big change to be honest. I’m not sure about breast feeding but I will say being on the medication helps alot! You need to take care of yourself first before your kids. Happy momma…happy kids :two_hearts:.

“When a mother takes sertraline, only a small amount of the drug passes into the breast milk. Very small amounts of sertraline and its breakdown product, norsertraline, are found in breast milk. Most published reports on sertraline and breastfeeding reported no harmful effects on the nursing infant”