Anyones child become allergic to their pet?

Anyone have their littles develop an allergy to their pets? I have had my cat for seven years and my almost-two-year-old son recently started breaking out in non-irritating hives. We have taken him to the doctor, and she says it is a mild allergic reaction, but we cannot pinpoint to what. I’m wondering if it could be cat dander?

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Have him tested. My granddaughter is allergic to her cat.

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As animals get older they get a different type of dander, also as kids grow can gain different type of allergies as well.

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Get the cat washed and have the kid take some otc antihistamines if the doc oks it. Also get allergy tested to be sure.

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Get an allergy test done. Its quite simple.

I became allergic to my own cats. Owned cats all my life.

My daughter did this with cat dander. It’s gotten better the older she gets

No new cleaning, bath, clothes products?

I became allergic to cats as I got older even though I grew up with them so did some other members of my family so it’s possible

Do you put flea/tick medicine on the cat in liquid form? Sounds like an odd question but growing up my mom was allergic so we never had cats til she passed and when I got a cat and put the liquid meds on it my brother withing a few hours was covered in hives for days. It turned out he was allergic to the flea/tick meds that was stuck on the dandruff of the cat(he didnt know not to touch it). Sounds like a far stretch but could try something else

My son is allergic to cats , feathers,mold and certain grasses. We had our one cat a year or two before he was born. Our allergist is awesome and works with us so we can still keep our kitty and regulate his allergies. Honestly cat is his worse allergy. But it’s been since we got rid of the outside chickens that he quite breaking out.

I’m also a allergy person . My biggest is cattle and everything in a hay field. I grew up on a show cow farm making hay during the summer. I still showed my cattle and helped make hay.

Get her tested to find out for a fact.

Do not let anyone make you feel like a horrible mother for trying to make both work. Find an allergist who will do anything to make a solution. If worse comes to worse then yes get rid of the cat but there is better option out there before that has to be the solution!

We’ve had a cat for 2 years and no problems and we got a kitten recently and my husband is sniffling sneezing puffy eyed mess every day now, I’d try keeping the cat out of his room off the bath towels ect and try switching out soaps and laundry detergent changing air filters keeping a food diary

Our 2 yr old is allergic to our cat. Highly recommend HEPA air purifiers & vacuum cleaners. Has helped tremendously. We also give her Zyrtec every morning.

Not my kids but I did during and after my 3rd pregnancy. I had always been slightly allergic to my cats but ever since towards the end 9f my 3rd pregnancy it’s got worse to the point I now break out in a terrible rash around my jaw and top part of my chest.

Take your kid to an allergist. Easy fix.

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as a doctor explained it to me. he shouldnt be allergic to the cat cause he’s been continuously around it. If you had a cat, got rid of it for a period of time and tried to introduce a new cat he could develop an allergy that way.

they can draw blood and check for allergies. take the kid to an allergist. my son developed a tree nut allergy out of no where. at 6 yrs old.

My youngest developed an allergy to dog saliva at 4yrs old. She was completely fine with dogs up until an encounter with a bulldog. We’ve found some dog breeds are worse than others and hypoallergenic vs shedding makes no difference.

Try letting a friend watch the cat for a week, clean the house and then go on as normal. If it goes away then yes it’s the cat, if not then it’s something else. I developed cat allergies when I was 5 and my daughter has since she was two.

Allergies can be developed over time and also go away over time. Your best bet is to see an allergist and get a test.