Anyones toddlers have to get a lead test done?

Has anyone had their two year old do a venous lead test? Can I get away with not doing it and lowering his lead levels at home instead


Wtf. Test them and do whatever the doctor says, and whatever is necessary to get them healthy.


I would just do the test. It’s not harmful.

No seriously If they have high led levels it can cause brain damage


Sure risk your kid having brain damage.


Absolutely not. Refusing a lead test when there is suspicion of high levels of lead can cause child protective services to get involved for child endangerment. I’ve worked a case that involved refusal of lead testing and the child was removed from the home. A lead test was then done and they found the child did have high levels of lead. Immediate action was taken to lower the levels.

Trying to do this at home without getting tested can cause issues to the child including brain damage. Why would you even risk that?


If its high enough your required to have it done…then you do a lead test in your home to find out where its coming from they treat the exposure areas and it goes away and levels go down naturally…but just not testing is not the answer…ive gone thru this twice…

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No you can not. It is required most places for even daycare and mandatory for school. Why would you not want to get it done? My kids had it done and my youngest had to have it twice bc the lab lost her results.


And the reason they ask for a venous draw is to establish the exact read as the finger stick isn’t as accurate you need to know how badly your child may be being effected…

This is such a dumb question smh my son was tested at 1 and a half and was level 28 cause of the hom ei was renting he know has adhd odd and learning disabilities you better get that kid checked


nope! all 3 of mine never had it done

My daughter has had 2 done, one at 1 and then 2

Do not put it off. Lead is serious. If your home has a high enough level of lead, it’s important that you get your child out of that house.


You should get it done but I did n them putting the Needle in my child’s arm to find a vein while I bear hugged her was traumatic for me n her but I chose to get it done


It is just a blood test. Yes not fun but better then playing a guessing game…


My son tested high and i really fought getting him the iv test but then we got a letter from the state. He tested fine when he got the iv test though.

Seriously? In most states it required by LAW to get it anyways before kindergarten so get your child tested! I cannot believe this was even a question


I’ve never heard of this lol I’m in the uk

I have personally never heard of this lead testing maybe thats because my children doctor has never talked to me about it but if your doctors are saying it needs to be done most likely its for a good reason i would just go and get it done to be safe you know also shame to those women who just want to put her down she asked for advice not to be called names and be belittled we are all mamas trying to do the best for our children and sometimes its scary for us when it comes to tests and hospitals those are our babies just a little ridiculous to me to see so much hate. Keep on doing your best mama! Im sorry i couldnt give you more advice when it comes to this lead testing but im sure you will get it done and feel much better when you know your child is safe afterwards! :blush:

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My first son I never went when they gave me the paperwork. We weren’t concerned because our house was built after they stopped using lead paint. Nobody ever questioned why I didn’t take him. My 2nd son we had different insurance & when I didn’t take him, they demanded it or we would lose coverage. I thought it would be very traumatic, but he didn’t even flinch. Never cried. Good luck with whatever you decide.