Are gender tests accurate?

Has any other mommas had the cfDNA genetic screening blood test at 12-13 weeks pregnant? If so, were the gender results accurate? Just wondering how likely the test is to be accurate on male or female that early in pregnancy??


They can be. But they can be easily. messed up too

DNA doesn’t lie. They would be accurate whenever you get them. We aren’t amphibians. We don’t suddenly change sex in the womb.


Blood test said boy anatomy svan said boy let u know in June if still a boy

I’ve had it done with both of my boys and it was correct.

Its testing for the y chromosome, so it is 99.9% accurate.


Yep! It was accurate.

It’s called an NIPT (non-invasive prenatal test) where I’m from and it was 100 percent accurate for my daughter. New baby on the way so we opted for the test this time around, too. Not sure how to tell you how accurate it is as I’m only 14 weeks and won’t have an anatomy scan for another 6 weeks

mine was accurate for my daughter, did not have one for my son, it was obvious at an ultrasound with him no question

Yes, mine said boy and he is indeed male. Had 4 girls prior and was nervous test was wrong but it was correct.

I had it done at 9 weeks and it was correct. It’s bloodwork, so it’s more accurate

I did an at home genetic test (I don’t recommend these unless you want bruised fingers and blood everywhere) and it said boy. I had one done at the midwife about 3 weeks before then and didn’t get the results until after I took the at home genetic test. The midwives test said girl while the at home one said boy (sample wasn’t contaminated or anything. They advise you to deep clean your bathroom beforehand). I had an anatomy scan and confirmed that she’s indeed a girl.

Yes mine was accurate

Yes! And it’s accurate!

I did mine, it’s accurate! Got a girl!!

Both of mine were accurate but were actually done at 10 weeks

Mine was 100% accurate with both of my pregnancies I did the NIPT testing

Mine was right for both my boys but didn’t get a clear answer on my daughter was carrying twins lost one early 2 test both said different answers

Definitely accurate! They said it was a boy, but I was skeptical because I’ve never heard of them being able to tell the gender that way, but just had my anatomy scan and he is definitely a boy!

Had two done and they were both accurate. One boy and one girl.