Are gender ultrasounds accurate at 13 weeks?

I’m getting a gender ultrasound done, and I will be 13 w and two days. I’m just wondering how many mamas got theirs done that early and if they were accurate?


It should be. But there is also a reason they say to wait until 20 weeks

Mine was accurate (girl) at 13,5 weeks but the gynecologist kept saying don’t pin me down on it till 24 weeks.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are gender ultrasounds accurate at 13 weeks?

I had a blood test that told me the gender of the baby I’m currently carrying at 13 weeks, personally I’ve never heard of an ultrasound being able to tell the gender that early.

They usually are. Unless the baby is in a position where the tech cant see between the legs, they should be able to tell. A blood test can also be done sooner than 13 weeks to tell the sex.

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With both of my babies. I had them done at 13 weeks. And both times they was correct with mine.

I found out the sex of 2 of my babies and they were correct XX

With my first no it wasn’t I was told it was a girl then at my 20 week ultrasound he was a boy with my second I done the blood test at 10 weeks and was a girl and was accurate

If you want a blood test did you just ask ur doctor?

They won’t even schedule a gender ultrasound that early… but no. It’s too early to tell at 13 weeks. You can get a blood test done to find out though.

That’s when I did mine and it was accurate! I asked to double check at every ultrasound I had though to make sure it stayed the same :sweat_smile:

Done mine at 14 weeks with twins and you can imagine how much smaller they were comparing to one baby and it was accurate

Not with my first. I had my ultrasound at 20 weeks and 28 weeks.

I had my last ultrasound done 1 weeks before my child was born and they had said all along that it was a girl…my “girl” is a healthy 13 year old boy😳

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Had all 3 of mine done at 14 weeks and all 3 were accurate

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are gender ultrasounds accurate at 13 weeks?

I think it’s easier to tell with boys than girls. My first ultrasound with my first child was at 12wks 3days. She looked and said it looks like a boy but not to take her word for it yet. When I went after 20wks it was definitely a boy!

A friend got one done at 13 weeks and 6 days and hers was accurate. I got one done at 14 weeks and 2 days and it was also accurate.

Your doctor or ultrasound technician will not tell you untilverified by another doc normally…or its 100% known. However some babys are very stubborn… and dont even show during agender ultrasound… good luck i was told i was having noys qt just under 14 weeks and they came out boys…