Are heart palpitations normal during pregnancy?

Has anyone else had heart palpitations that stick around every day with a rapid heart rate in Third Trimester my midwife said it could be normal because your body has to work faster but was sending me to a heart doctor incase to check it out and I’m also anemia this pregnancy.


Yep! I had rapid HR & palpitations with both pregnancies. My resting HR while pregnant was 90-100. I saw a cardiologist and everything looked fine!

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Yes! Mine is like that too! Started shortly before third trimester!

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Mine was too!! My heart rate would be 160-170 just from standing and my resting was normally around 100. Felt like I couldn’t breathe and it made it impossible to do the simplest things. Mine started in the third trimester too and I saw a cardiologist as well. It went back to my normal heart rate after delivery.

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Yes, mine started earlier in the pregnancy though. And got worse as I got further along but turns out I was anemic and although they got way better when I started an iron supplement I still had them occasionally.

Have them check your thyroid

Yes. Struggled with this my entire pregnancy. I was finally put on lose dose labatelol. It resolved itself after birth.

Yes mine was due to severe potassium deficiency and magnesium deficiency

I did with my 3rd they said I had gestational graves disease ? A thyroid issue that went away after I had my daughter

I did with both my pregnancies and I still have it now!

I did with my daughter, and was short of breath.
Got blood work and I was anemic

I had them. During my pregnancy it went along with preeclampsia.

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Anemia can cause both palpitations and tachycardia.

Yes and even after baby … just hormones

Yes I’m my third trimester also had hot flashes from hell all was good

Hi this is my post also was wondering has anyone experienced with the rapid heart rate and palpitations shortness of breath I dont sleep anymore because of them I wake up every hour. But like I stated feels like my heart pounds out of my chest everyday. And just dont feel the desire to do anything. And I also do have thryoid issues and being animea but midwife just check my thryoid levels they was normal. But with me being animea my blood panels has been low.

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Yes I did and ended up having high blood pressure. Had to go on medication for both pregnancy’s.

I have them all day everyday !!! Was going to bring it up next doctors appointment I also have high blood pressure too!

No definitely not normal