Are hot tubs dangerous for pregnant women?

I want someone’s opinion. I have a question. So my mom and grandma told me that it’s actually healthy for a pregnant woman to sit in a hot tub and that it won’t harm the baby. ( I love taking semi-hot baths when I can) and I can sit in a hot tub for hours if someone lets me, but I need to know from other people’s experiences if it’s actually healthy for me to be in a hot tub. I read online that it can be super dangerous even if you sit in there for 10 minutes. I just want your opinion on it.


Yes. Please don’t submerge your belly in the hot tub. You can sit on the side and have your legs and feet in. But the temp is too hot for your baby.


I would trust only a drs opinion


Yes do not go into a hot tub!

I was always told no. If you don’t make the water too hot it should be fine tho

A hot tub and even a hot bath is a huge no no bcuz it maked the blood pressure go up.


No it’s not safe. It can relax your muscles too much and cause you to go into labor.
Water birth is different, at the point you’re trying to get that baby out.

I was told it’s dangerous. I’m sure you’ll get lots of opinions. Talk to your dr or just don’t. It’s not worth the risk.
Walking and stretching are great for relaxing and healthy. :slight_smile:
Best wishes for you and your baby.

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Your not suppose to take hot showers and let it hit the belly… so no it’s not safe I’ve had 4 kids 4 different doctors all said stick your feet in keep your body out

Not healthy at all. 10-15m MAX. It’s hard, I know. It can easily increase your uterus temperature- especially between 101-110° & can cause health issues. It’s one of those things that’s not worth the risk.

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Hot tubs (jacuzzis) and saunas are no good because of the constant high temp, can be dangerous for baby. A hot bath that cools down as you’re in it is ok.

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What makes it unsafe is that it raises your core body temp. I wouldn’t risk it.

A warm bath at home is perfectly fine, a hot tub gets WAY too hot… a hot tub will raise ur body temp making it unsafe for baby


I was told to limit my baths, as it puts you at risk for infection.
That being said, I did soak in a warm bath several times nearing the end of my pregnancy because it was the only relief I could get for back pain.

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No, it can depress your blood pressure.

No! Stick your feet in but that’s it

“Sitting in a hot tub or sauna can raise your body temperature to a level that can be dangerous for your developing baby.” (Googled your question)

I never sat in a hot tub while pregnant with my first, and I’m pregnant with my second and won’t do it. But It wouldn’t hurt to ask your Dr.!


Nooo I wouldn’t even take the chance

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I have a hot tubs and 3 kids, all ten years apart and at no time in those years did my doctor ever say it was okay to go. They told me no each time! A Luke warm bath for less than ten minutes is what I was told for less than ten minutes. I would ask your doctor anyways!

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