Are ice baths safe while pregnant?

First, I am 7 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. I would ask on my local mom’s group, but we are still keeping it a secret for now. I have tried looking online but can not find any information. Is it safe to take an Ice bath while pregnant? The only thing I am finding is not to take a hot bath, and to stay away from saunas, etc. Nothing on an ice bath. Extremely sore from a 1/2 marathon and want to soak in an ice bath.


Anything that drastically changes your body temperature likely warrants asking your doctor just to be safe.


I would say no since it makes your temperature drop quickly

Just soak in Epsom salt


A simple call ti your dr office would answer that faster than Google, tyoeing this out and waiting fir responses. Plus you would get an answer you know you can turst


I would suggest icing only the sore areas…

Words from a doc unless ur to the point of becoming hypothermic its safe

Call your doctor to ask they would know

I doubt its okay. But ask your doctor.

I wouldnt do an ice bath

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You can call your obgyn and they can let you know :slight_smile:

Talk to you doctor not Facebook.

Yes they are perfectly fine. You’re not going to want a hot bath as raising your body temperature too much for too long can negatively affect a fetus, a comfortably warm bath for a short period of time is fine, its been my only relief from SPD pains this pregnancy (I am 30 weeks but pain started at 14 weeks).

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I would not. But a simple call to your OB would be beneficial.

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I mean swimming is perfectly safe and even encouraged for inducing labor, getting exercise, etc and the water can be in the low 70’s. I don’t know if sitting in actual ice water is a good idea but you could still take a cold bath. Even hot baths are fine, just not hot tubs. Ask your doctor though :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally wouldn’t risk it

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I swam in freezing cold spring water for my body aches and my doctor loved it. Def ask, but couldn’t imagine why it would be a problem.

Talk to your doctor.

That would be a great question to ask your DOCTOR not facebook!

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Call your doctor! Only way to be safe