Are temple thermometors accurate?

I have a temple thermometer, and my son is readying 99.8. wondering if that’s an accurate reading. Gave him some Motrin JIC


Yes and 99.8 isn’t a fever. You shouldn’t give a fever reducer until at least 102

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Not a fever until it’s 100.4. Your temp will flux all day long.


What is normal for one is not always normal for all

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That’s not a fever. Absolutely no reason to give him meds.


That’s not a fever. Motrin should never be your first choice.


Each place reads differently. The most accurate is a rectal thermometer. You can google ear, temple, mouth, armpit, rectal temp accuracy.

Not everyone clocks in at 98.6. With that being said, an increased temp is the body’s way of trying to fight infection by itself.

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That is not a fever for a child

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It depends. I know when I am running a 99.8 temp I feel awful so it is different for everyone really. Also i don’t give medicine for a fever unless my daughter isn’t acting her normal self or if it is 101. As their little bodies is fighting off what ever big they have and that is better as they are building a immune system


First rectal is most accurate in children under 2. Second below 100.4 does not warrant Motrin. 3rd the first thing you give with a fever is typical never motrin

To me, 99s and 100s or low grade fevers. However, you should look at what else could be going on? Any kind of pain or other symptoms going? That would give you a better idea of whether or not to give meds. Currently my 2 year old has a 100.2 temp with a runny nose, but super happy so I have not given any meds today.

I don’t do meds unless it’s over 101°. The body needs to fight whatever it is fighting. Fevers are good to an extent.

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First of all age of child. What are your childs symptoms. If there are no symptoms and child is behaving normally no need to give meds
Also tylenol is a better option

Rectal is most accurate as far as I know.

Okay so a temple temp is not an accurate reading and is off somewhat. Try taking an oral temp. But if a temporal reading is 99.8 more than likely his actual temp is over 100.

They are not accurate and need to be collaborated often.

Rectal is the most accurate

That is not a fever, and meds shouldn’t be given. If the temp reaches 100.4 or higher, then that is considered a fever, meds (tylenol/ibuprofen) given, and a call to the dr.


No, they are not accurate and that’s not a fever.