Are there any home remedies for eczema?

Hi. Has any other mamas out there with children that has eczema? If so what is best for it? Any home remedies?


Het flax seed in your diet

I use cetaphil and aquaphor. Hydrocortisone works wonders under either of those after a bath before bed!

I don’t know if it works for kids but when it gets really bad a green tea bath. If it’s small patches, just soak with a warm rag dipped in green tea.

Plain Oatmeal on the affected area. Then i would recommend using lotion that has goot shea butter and other good essential oils! Do that every time i have an eczema breakout and it clears it in a week for me typically :slight_smile: for the lotion part, ANYTHING with hydrocortisone will help

We use dove sensitive skin bar soap. Liquid dries out the skin. Unscented laundry soap and no dryer sheets. We use petroleum jelly on the bad spots immediately after a bath. Bath every night.

For my daughter her eczema went hand in hand with allergies I got her allergies under control(didn’t know she had allergy issues) then her skin cleared- our doctor said that’s the case w most children!

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Bathe no more than every 3rd day. And we used Jergens ultra healing lotion. It worked when nothing else would. (And is much less expensive).

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Aveeno eczema baby lotion. They have an overnight cream too. We use hydrocortisone if it gets REALLY BAD. Wipe down the affected area often. The allergens in the air can make it worse.

I have a authentic Mexican remedy my step dad firmly believe in it … Baby Urine… It’s pure and works super fast

Oatmeal bath. Put plain oatmeal in a clean sock and stick it over the tap of the tub and let the water run through it. When your done filling the tub, drain as much of the oatmeal water out of the sock as you can . Works awesome . I would stick it in the water and drain in over my son’s body too and rub it in, works wonders! Awesome moisturizer

My oldest had it really bad, we used aquaphor worked great. It’s only like $5 or $6

Aveeno works very good

Baking soda bath, aloe (inner gel from the actual plant), coconut oil, and lots of airing out. Should clear up in a week or two depending on how bad it is.

Lemons clean bacteria and eczema all. Smell good too warning do not put on open soars.

Aveeno eczema oatmeal bath treatment and aveeno baby eczema cream!!! I swear by this stuff

I got udder balm, Breck bubble bath. Bubble bath even helps my hubby.

The only thing that’s worked for mine is cutting out dairy and special steroid cream prescribed by doctor.

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Allergy medicine, the antihistamine helps with itchiness. Soak in a lukewarm bath with baking soda. Talk with your doctor about a steroid cream, one week use, one week off. And cerave lotion. All of the above worked wonders for my 7 year old who’s had bad eczema since birth. Also, bath every other day, with unscented baby dove body soap.

My daughter has it…bath every other day…we use dove sensitive skin body wash…and daily allergy medicine