Are there any insurances that cover breast reductions?

I have DDD breasts, back pain, and they just look terrible after kids. I want to get a breast reduction, but I don’t know how to go about it. Do some insurances cover it? I’m on priority partners, which most likely doesn’t. What’s the typical cost range for one? I’m located in MD


Kristy DeHoff might be able to answer this.

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I also live in Md and have priority partners. Someone told me to go to my primary doctor to complain of rashes I get between my legs for a tummy tuck. So I would start there and just express all concerns. Never hurts to ask.

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First thing I would do is get your doctor to document that your size is affecting your health. Then find a reputable plastic surgeon to talk with about costs and insurance. Then also check with your insurance company about what qualifies.


I was in the same situation years ago…my primary care provider noted my complaint…my insurance covered :100: of procedure… it’s considered plastic surgery…find a good one and have a consultation.
I love my boobies now :blush:. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Most insurance will cover it if your doctor says that it is causing back pain and affecting posture negatively.


Most insurances will cover if it’s proven by a doctor it’s effecting your health. My mother had a breast reduction couple years ago (42DD) and was fully covered by Medicaid because she had documentation proving it was effecting her

Possibly if dr advises it and it’s a medical issue

If they are causing back pain or health problems then most insurance should cover it with preauthorization with doctors explanation

I believe most insurances consider it cosmetic. You have to prove that it causes actual medical problems. I have a friend who’s wanted to get one for years as well with no real luck

Mine covered it. I was an E. Make sure your doctor is aware of your concerns and start researching plastic surgeons in the area. If there are medical concerns, your surgeon will be able to document this & submit to your insurance.

I had mine done 5 yrs ago. Was fully covered under Maryland Physcians Care. Just needed dr documentation that it was needed for my back.

Go to the chiro first. That’s what I did. He wrote a recommendation to a plastic surgeon and the plastic surgeon wrote a letter to the insurance company. All I had to pay was my co pay. Message me if you have any questions!

I had mine done almost 20 years ago. Insurance paid for it but we had to cover deductible first. Just had to have a recommendation from an md saying it was negatively affecting my health.

They were covered for my mom because of the damage it was doing to her back

Don’t know what company she had, but I know my sister’s was covered because she got official documentation from her doctor that the weight of her breasts was a health concern. She now encourages everyone with big boobs to get one. She says it’s the best thing she’s ever done in her life.

Where i live it is free if recommended by the family doctor. :woman_shrugging:

You can also access super to have it done if recommended by a doctor.

Yes! If it’s causing back pain ect your dr will send you to a surgeon and if required medically it’s all covered. Oh sorry just saw this was in md.

Sometimes your doctor can get an exception for you if they can provide evidence that you will need several back surgeries resulting from the size of your breasts. They would prefer to pay for one surgery that resolves the cause and prevents further expenses, as opposed to paying for multiple surgeries. But you’d have to discuss this with your doctor/surgeon.

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