Are there any tubes tied side effects?

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Done at 22 for emergency medical reasons… horrible debilitating cramps still at 39… I wish I wasn’t forced to have it done


Had mine done at 21 and that’s when my cramps started. Then at 30 had to have a hysterectomy that sent me into menopause and now at 44 still struggling with it.

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When I got mine tied i was 32 i lost all my eggs 3 weeks later then went into post or pre menopause… Funny thing was that im now 65 and still have Hot Flashes they never went away… sometimes night sweats and sometimnes panic attacks… other then that nothing more…


My advice is to consult your obstetrics gynecologist doctor for more information on the subject. Many women are different when it comes to symptoms. Some women may experience pain while others don’t.

Tubes tied in 1973…at age 25…doctors advice…had to have paperwork notarized saying my husband was aware of what I was doing. No side effects, just peace of mind. Best decision ever!


Late 20’s had them tied when my eggs started dividing and the Dr said once multiple susceptible to more multiples. Nope hubby we’re done… No side effect… just a wonderful form of no hassle birth control for me.

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Ended up with hysterectomy 4 years later. Constant uterine pain, constant bleeding, adenomyosis. Fine after uterus removed, opted to spare ovaries, but it caused me to go into early menopause at 42…

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I had mine done 3 years ago at 37 when our last baby was born. I have some concerns that I think may be attributed to having had it done but overall if I had the choice to make again with my health concerns, even though it was a hard choice to make, I think it was the right choice and would do it again.

I had mine done 3 years ago, never had any problems that cant be attributed to turning 40

Very painful periods with very unstable hormones. I went back on birth control after having mine just to not end up on a snapped episode.


Had mine done at 32, not sorry… Would do a again in a heartbeat. I am 48 and have never had a single problem!


Everyone is different. I got mine tied when I was 24. I only wanted 2 kids. The only thing with me is my periods went from exactly 7 days to 4-5 days.

Had my tubal 1 year ago. They did it during my c section. If our ins would have approved my hubby to be snipped instead we would have. I have horrible hot flashes. I am way more hormonal around my period and my period is soo much heavier. I wish every day we would have figured out a way for his vasectomy instead.


If I knew then, what I know now. Never would have done it, have Husband get vasectomy, much easier.
I ended up With a hysterectomy, also.


I think its different for everyone. I had mine at 26 and never had problems until then! My female problems got worse through the years … I am 54 and finally done with it all!:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

other than a horrible time with the gas they pump into your body cavity or did when I had it done, I had no trouble.


My only side effect was heavy periods in my 30’s on. My hormones were just fine.

Side effects vary from person too person. Ever since I had mine done, my cramps got…weird…

Some 35+years ago I had one, periods stop, no menopausal symptoms, life went on without no problems…

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