Are trampolines safe for 3-year-olds?

My son wants a little trampoline for Christmas - he’s 3. I’m afraid it will hurt his knees jumping all the time, reading on Google it seems fine… any of your littles have one and had complaints about their knees?


My little when she was little, had a trampoline with a standing bar for stretching and strengthening her calves. They bounce as much as their body will tolerate. If really concerned, talk to your kiddos pediatrician. I never had a problem and neight did my kids. Falling off was a bigger issue…

Get the kid a trampoline, it won’t hurt his knees.


My daughter started on our big one when she was able to walk. Great exercise especially during winter if you have it inside. In the summer we put a sprinkler on it and the kids love it.

It’s actually said that a toddler shouldn’t because their brains aren’t full grown and it rattles around in there. That being said, my now 4 year old has been jumping for two years and it hasn’t slowed him down. I don’t let my 13 jump high when the 4 yr old is on there. They mostly wrestle.

Get him one it will not hurt him… It will be good for him

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He’ll be perfectly fine. It won’t hurt him

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My granddaughter has one she loves it

Trampolines are.hilariuos hell love it

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A trampoline is better for their knees than being out running on pavement. It gives pavement doesnt. And they have a great time. My kids had one and never had problems with their knees.

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Jumping is not harmful at all & he’ll sleep like a bomb at night!


My little boy goes for physio and they use a trampoline he’s only 3 it builds there muscles up

Just make sure you get one with the screen


My grand kids had a little I got them for xmas.and, they loved it

Why on earth would it hurt his knees? Is the trampoline made of concrete? No wonder kids these days act like they do wrapped up in bubble wrap by their parents! Let them live a little


My 4 year old and almost 2 year old jumps on a kid trampoline. They love it, no issues.

It won’t hurt his knees… but he will get stitches when he launches off the side and lands on the cement :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It won’t hurt his knees, it will make his legs very strong. I got one for my little kid from Walmart and it has a bar on it they hold onto while they jump. So cute to watch!

you could always get him a small one until he’s a little bit older


I wouldn’t say it’ll hurt his KNEES so much as break his neck if he falls off and has a bad accident. If you take care of him while he is on it outside then he will be just fine. And yes you should get him one he would love it.