Are warts on hands a cause for concern?

Warts on eight-year-Old boys’ hands normal? Cause? The little back story my son lives with my mom due to things that happened 7.5 years ago. I noticed he had a wart on his hand and was mildly concerned, but now he has THREE, and I’m kinda concerned addressing it with my mom, and she said she only knew about 2. But is looking into getting him to the Dr to have them removed. I talked to my child’s aunt (his dad’s sister), and she said that his dad and all uncles constantly had warts on their hands. This is something I’ve always heard of but never seen, so I’m a bit freaked out.


I had a wart on my knee. I used a aspirin and scraped off the coating and put water on the wart and put the pill on there and a bandaid over it. Got rid of mine.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are warts on hands a cause for concern?

Do he be around frogs? That’s how I know of getting them, frogs pee on you lol


My 2 yr. Old son and I have them on ours. They are genetic. So did my mom as a child. She had hers removed though because she had so many. She had like 20. I have 2. My son has 1.

Gotta go have them removed. You know that aint normal

They are called planters warts and if you don’t get the ward out. they spread. I

They happen from some bacterias. I use to get them alot as a kid and teen and they spread easily. They go away on their own just don’t let him pick at them.

My daughter when she was 7 she had around 25 warts removed from her hands. We were told it’s a genetic issue. She still has them removed from her hands, feet, and toes and she is 17 now.

Both of my older kids had them. I took them to a dermatologist to get them removed from their fingers.

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Warts are super common, especially among kids. They are caused by a virus, and it could take as much as shaking someone’s hand for it to transfer to you. If not treated, they can get bigger and spread. I see them all the time at work on people of all ages.


You can buy wart removal stuff otc


I had them on my feet when I moved to Hawaii when I was younger (military kid here). The reason I was getting them was because of something in the soil. I had them froze off and they finally stopped forming. Maybe if he plays outside in soil that is how they r forming?

Very common and they are very contagious that’s probably why he has more.

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Warts are actually caused by a virus. They sell topical wart medicine at the store, or you can have the doctor treat them.

Extremely common, our pediatricians recommended using duct tape for three weeks before considering having them removed at the doctors office. It worked!

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My daughter had quite abit. I used apple cider vinegar, electrical tape and band aids. It took them away without the pain of going to the doctor and they didn’t come back

Put coconut oil on them!! Don’t let him scratch or disturb them. Give it awhile and they’ll eventually go away.
Sometimes stress can cause them.

I think this is a question for your child’s pediatrician, if you’re truly worried about something being wrong, a group of strangers isn’t the place to find answers :woman_shrugging:t3:


Warts can be caused by HPV. I get them on my hands. I’ve tried having them frozen off doesn’t work. I’ve tried the OTC stuff. It works a bit but the same ones come back.

My son had them when he was young and took him to a dentist and it was because of a infection tooth

I got rid of mine on my foot with apple cider vinegar

Take him to the beach and let him play in the salt water and soak his hands and when he gets out wipe his hands pretty hard with the towel and they will fall off happened with my daughter

Warts are caused by one of the many strains of HPV. They should be removed as they are contagious with skin to skin contact, towels, razors and such. That’s why he started with 1 and now has 3. Make sure he doesn’t pick them.

Use ACV… soak a cotton ball in them put the cotton ball on them and wrap them with a bandaid or tape

When I was about that age I had a wart on my hand. It went away of course… I did play on the dirty ALOT. Does he?

My son also developed several warts on his fingers when he was young. I took him to the doctor to get them removed, but he recommended I do it at home because the cryo can be very painful. So to do pain free at home removal he said to take a piece of duct tape and wrap it around the wart/finger. Leave it on for 6 days straight, even when bathing. In the 7th day, take it off for the whole day. Then start the process again the next day by putting a new piece of duct tape on. My son’s warts were gone within 2 weeks, and one was a pretty good size. I will say, when you take it off on day 7 it will not smell great. My son loved to tease his siblings with his “stinky finger,” LOL! But the warts seriously just peel off with the duct tape and no pain or procedures.


I had them when I was a kid on my wrist and fingers

Not something to stress over and especially not if they arent fighting you on having them checked.

I had 2 on my hands and I clipped them off… kept doing it until they never came back, had finally got rid of the root over time.

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It normal not to overreact children typically will get them

It’s common, but even still, that would be a question for a pediatrician. Not Faceboook.

My daughter had a few on her leg when she was 4. The dermatologist gave us a cream to put on it and it was gone within a few days and has never come back. She’s 14 now

My daughter is 7 and gets them. The doctor said they are normal and nothing to worry about. Can be caused from playing in the dirt and stuff like that. Just buy the wart remover from Walmart.

I had them when I was younger. Tried freezing them but it didn’t work. One day they just disappeared and never returned. I was probably about the same age as your son. Don’t panic. They will clear eventually.

Yes I had them when I was little and my daughter had them on her hands and knees.

I personally experienced this with warts on my hands as a kid and had doctors remove with varying approaches. Within the span of 3 months I went from a couple to over 15x my original amount. Different removal methods were used on mine at the varying times recurrence happened.

Seek a doctor’s opinion on best course of treatment. While stemmed from a virus, most grow out of continued issues. Once through puberty I never experienced them again.

My daughter had one on her hand when she was five. Her surgeon said to put a piece of duct tape on it and leave it for several days and it will come off. I thought he was crazy! But I figured if he knew how to put in a kidney he most certainly was smart enough for this. Lol. And low snd behold!!! It worked!!! Never had another one. A size just big enough to cover it and put a bandaid over it to hold it on.

My son and my daughter ( she’s 9 ) do get them regularly, and they are normal, according to our doctor, it’s from all the friction and rubbing stuff, my son’s was caused by bike handlebar grips.

They sell these special wart bandaids. I used them years ago. Had one on my finger and then I put it on a few days, and it went away

There’s a freeze thing you can get basically freeze the wart and file it off My dad got it for me when I was a kid and it was quick and painless

They would most likely be viral warts. The best treatment is duct tape occlusive therapy. Apply duct tape on each of the warts and leave on for 6 days, remove on the seventh day and keep repeating and use a pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin. Its the most effective way. Cryotherapy would be very painful for a child and does not necessarily work anyway. Search nottingham uni occlusive duct tape therapy

I had warts on my hands when I was younger. My mom had me do the old wives tale of tying knots( 3 warts= 3 knots) in twine, rubbing the knots on them and then either my mom or myself buried the twine and when it rots in the ground the warts fell off. We don’t believe in stuff like that but after we did it a few weeks late my warts were gone.

I would see a doctor. I don’t recommend removing them yourself.

I bought Compound W wart remover that comes like band aids. Put the band aid on and leave for as long as it will stay on then put a new one and keep doing it till they come off. I did it on my thumb, completely painless

No it’d not a bad sign. Get wart remover pads and the gel and he will be fine

My son had a few and the doctor recommended wrapping them In duck tape at bedtime. It worked and they never came back!

No biggie just let it go
Can go to RX wart remove

I used this on my 6 year old and next day was gone… he had 2 and it removed both…


I had mine surgically removed I had them on my hands and feet.

Our 8 yo has a few and his brother did at one point. It is nothing to worry about and have the doc check on them if they spread.

:joy::joy::joy: go to Walmart and get wart remover :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The best thing I found for warts that doesn’t have harmful things in it was Vidarox. Its a small bottle that cost 60 bucks, but it took all of mine away. I’ve struggled with them my whole life. It’s main ingredient is tree tea oil.

Wrap in duct tape then once they are soft file with a pumice stone. Keep doing this they will be gone

My hands were covered in warts (can’t remember how many now) a year before my wedding I went to the dermatologist and got them removed took a few months but they all went away and haven’t been back THANK GOD!!! (This was about 12 years ago now)

My son got one on his finger from a friend of his. I took a blade and shaved it down myself and froze it off with compound w myself. But you can only do that if it is not too deep. I shaved it down all the way flat. I seen some black dots and i froze it and it went away

They did it the same way at the doctor’s office where i worked.

Freeze them off and use mole skin to cover them

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I had them as a kid and I remember one night I said, “mommy, the warts are gone” they just disappeared. Although I’m pretty certain she was using something from Melaluca on them from when my grandma was selling it. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it though.

2 of my 3 boys had them, was told they are more than likely HPV carriers

My boy had one when he was little I was told to wrap gaffer tape on it to suffocate it and it will fall off and it did within a week

It’s a bacteria not a huge concern
Wash your hands in epson salt and that will help make them go away

No biggie I had them as a child just get some wort remover from drug store haven’t had a one since

When I was 10 I had about 12 of them all in a line on my pointer finger…my mother heard an old wives tail to rub a piece of bacon on the warts…wear a glove to bed…do it for a week…it actually worked…if I ever get them again I will try it again

You can take him to a dermatologist, they freeze it

It’s a form of the papillomavirus virus. Yes it’s a concern

My dad’s side of the family had them too. All of is kids, but they went away as we got older. My dad swears you take a piece of string, tie a knot in it for every wart and bury it deep lol

One of my boys had a few warts! U can get a freeze product from chemist that usually work well xx

My son had them And we tried everything even the doctor .And one day he woke up and they were all gone he had 3 I believe and never got them again

Dab on some wart remover

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are warts on hands a cause for concern?

Warts are actually a virus type thing. My granddaughter got one on the arch of her foot and they froze it off.

My kid had a few on hers. Nothing to stress over. Dermatologist removed them easily and never came back.

Very common, especially in kids. They are caused by a virus and can spread and are contagious (skin to skin contact) they are easily removed you can even do it at home.


My daughter had 2 when she was younger. I used tea tree oil on them a couple times they went away. That was probably over 7 years ago. They never came back.

Very common. I had them on my feet as a kid. Doctor froze them off. Not my happiest memories though, just saying. I’m sure treatment is much easier now, this was 30+ years ago.

Common. I had them on my hands all the time as a kid. I think I was in 5th grade when they stopped.

Smooth a garlic and hold it on the wart with a bandaid. That’s how my mom took them off of us when we were kids.

It’s common I got them by playing with frogs and dirt there’s over the counter medicine I just literally scraped them with a needle and poured peroxide on it I got rid of them thank God don’t recommend tho try seeing a doctor


It’s a common and non harmful form of HPV- can not get warts from frogs!? :sob::rofl::woman_shrugging: old wives tale


Duct tape will smother them . Most all kid’s get wart’s


From what I know about warts it usually is passed down. If I’m not mistaken it’s caused by a virus like cold sores are. If it’s in the bloodstream of a person already it can be passed on to the kid. I had a friend growing up who had warts. All over his hands. My advice is see a dermatologist. They can laser them off or do something about them. They will likely come back. I’ve had small worts on my thumb before and eventually after taking them off they never came back.

Dr can take them off a lazier pen no problem

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Go to the doctor not all warts are to be taken lightly.

Duct tape !!! Serious, my little brother got a wart on his foot and my mom put duct tape over it for a few days. Google it! It works !!

Totally normal. They will go away on their own but it can take years. There is over the counter ways to try to freeze them off.

Wart bandaids get rid of them fast. You can buy them at Walmart, dollar general, Walgreens etc. It’s viral and no real cause for concern.

Suffocate them with duct tape they will fall off are a few days to a week trust me it works everytime the doctor tried freezing my sons off more came or they just got bigger so he suggested the duct tape vfc and bam nomore warts

The Wart virus is very common. Just dosent look very nice. It comes from the simular Verruca virus. The body builds up its own natural immunity to rid them but this can take years & be very unsightly. Also there’s the risk of infection to other parts of the body, especially if any of the warts are female. The best home remedy is banana skin. Put a piece of banana skin on the infected are flesh side. Bandage the area to keep it in place. Best time to do this is every night, so it has a good 10 to 12 hours while your asleep, with the banana skin doing its work. Do this every evening until the Wart or warts have dropped off. No pain, no lasers, no freezing, no scaring. Just naturally healed :hugs:


Tea tree oil is good

Put clear nail varnish on them every day it smothers them it takes a little while but it works as my youngest son had them and also his dad had them as a child too

Fish oil pills help make them go away, talk to your pediatrician on how much to give, my son had some warts on his knees and hands Dr said to take fish oil pills and they will go away with in a few months. And he was right they were gone

I had warts as a child so did all my siblings they eventually went away using the wart medicine from the Dr as well as over the counter medicine

My 8 year old son has one! It’s actually going away and it was was really. I have zero clue how though! We have killed one with duct tape. I recommend it!

My daughter had warts on her hand. The church prayed for her and the next day they were gone! :church:

Yeah it’s normal. I used to have them/get when I was younger :grin:

When I was little I had them all over my hands and feet. The only way I got rid of them was to go to the Dr where they put beetle guts on it and they fell off lol

I hope not all my childhood and still even now I’ve had them :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: my mom just kept telling me to stop grabbing toads :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Go to doctor they will give better answers