Are you still allowing your kids to participate in sports?

My daughter wants to do gymnastics, but I am not sure how I feel about it in the middle of this pandemic. For those of you with children who do sports, are they still currently doing them? Are these places taking precautions? If so, what kind of precautions are they taking? I know she is so bored being out of school, so I don’t know what to do


My son played baseball and my daughter has just gone back to wrestling. Honestly where I live I feel like nobody is really taking very many precautions

My daughter has been doing gymnastics. So far she has been ok. Her gma takes her so unsure what precautions they are taking.

My son is still playing soccer. His practices have varied a bit the last few months depending on what "warning level " our state was/is in. Originally, they could only run drills that allowed for social distancing of at least 6 feet, had to wear masks when not on the field (the coach was masked the entire time). No games or scrimmages allowed. Backpacks and water bottles need to be clearly separated. No parents allowed on the field. Now, we’re allowed to scrimmage within our own club…but not any outside club competition. All the same precautions, masks, no parents…etc.
Our club is working very hard to follow all requirements and keep kids safe so far. I’m really comfortable with it. But I suspect soon they’ll have to pull the season completely as our numbers in Illinois keep going up. Sorry this was so long!

My kids are finally back into their taekwondo and parkour classes. But our town is at stafe 4 and has only had 3 Covid cases, last one being in May. So we feel pretty safe.

My daughter is doing tumbling and had tryouts for cheer They arent stunting right now and her tumbling center takes alot of precautions

We are taking a break this year until the virus is over.

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We opted out this year.

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Yep! I’m not living in fear


My son is playing his senior year of football and my daughter in 3rd grade is not old enough

Dd17 has been playing and reffing lacrosse. For her team, the are taking temperatures and doing screenings at every practice.

Yes. My daughters life has stayed fairly normal. She goes to preschool every day, they take temp checks at door. She also just started playing Tball, they social distance the parents and then sanitize the bats and balls in between plays.

My daughter will be back in gymnastics. The program she is in taking a lot of precautions,

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My kids start football and volley ball this week no cases in my town and only 2 in our county no precautions except seating for games no bleachers have to bring our own chairs and own water bottles

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We have still been doing martial arts, full contact all this time.We have to stay sane somehow.

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My kid does & is back at gymnastics. They have a protocol in place which I would assume yours would too so check first. Our protocol is temp checked before entering, parents take kids shoes, they get hand sanitizer as they enter, no water fountain or cubbies used, no parents inside, hand sanitizer between stations, foam pit not used at this time, also smaller class size & coaches wear mask

I’m sorry but for those of you that aren’t letting your kids do there activity your living in fear it is not that serious it’s just a little worst then the pneumonia you dont stop living your life for the flu or the pneumonia so why let this control your life and decide what you can and can’t do who you can or can’t see weather you throw your kids a birthday party or not whether you throw your teen a graduation party or not quit being cowards and letting this thing control you your kids will end up thanking you in the end and you will be a lot happier I dont social distanced and I dont wear a mask ever I dont stand six feet apart I dont limit who comes to my house or how many people I’m around I live my life as normal and guess what I havent gotten sick and neither have my five roommates that stay in my studio apartment we all live our life as normal and we are fine he’ll even eat and drink after each other and we are fine if I see a mask I RIP it off the person’s face spit on them and burn there mask and walk away like I did nothing people learn not to try and ask me to wear a mask because they know what will happen just live your life out of fear


No. Our daughter has been in gymnastics for 2 years and we stopped sending her in March. It’s not worth the risk.


My 7 yr old does gymnastics, her gym only allows a few kids in each class right now and they social distance during class. If the child needs a spotter then the parent goes in to help so the instructor can stay 6 feet away. Masks are required for anybody over 6. This is just my daughters gym though, I have no idea what other places are doing

We are taking a break from cheerleading this year

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