Are your kids affectionate with their grandparents?

What to do when my two-year-old isn’t affectionate with his grandparents? He gets so mad when they come near, and I feel horrible because he pushes them away.


Sometimes. But I would never force it

It’s important to respect his boundaries and not force him to hug or show affection. He may come around he may not. He may just not be a touchy person and there’s nothing wrong with that. I was never a touchy child and people saying “go give grandma a hug” or “go hug uncle so and so” was always super uncomfortable for me.


I’m pretty sure all kids go thru a playing shy type of stage with relatives


Pay attention to his behavior. Something’s not right. I hope you don’t leave him alone with them.


I don’t have an answer for this. My daughter is very picky about who she goes to. She’s not one to go to my mom at all… my mom lives with us, too.

Do you hug them in front of him? My son was like that with my grandma because we didn’t really hug in front of him when we started hugging he wanted to as well

I’ve always been of the thought that children should be able to chose who they hug/kiss or don’t. I also make them ask for permission before hugging/getting on laps/kisses/etc. I feel it teaches them early that they are in charge of the decisions for their own bodies and also instills the need for consent. Sometimes my girls just wanted to “high Five” goodbye as we were leaving places. And that’s ok.


My lo is almost 2 and sometimes he is and sometimes he’s not it really depends on his mood but we respect boundaries, if he doesn’t want to give hugs or love on anyone he’s not made to

Can’t force a kid to be affectionate towards anyone. Either they do it in their own way in their own time or the people who have an issue need to just get over it.


Hope he doesn’t complain when they don’t show affection.

Some kids are just not huggers. Had a friend whose daughter just didn’t like being touched. Her mother was always trying force her to hug me. Told her never unless she wanted to and I told her mother that too. Took her a few years but she accepted her daughter might like you fine, she just didn’t want to be touched. Made the time she hugged me on her own more special because she meant it. You might have your son tested for autism. Some autistic children do not like being touched either. My grandson is autistic and doesn’t like people hugging him either. Respect their wishes.


They are his boundaries and they need to be respected. I would be seeing a major red flag if my child wasn’t comfortable around someone.


Let him have his feelings. Respect it and tell them if he wishes not to kiss, hug, or be held then they need to leave him alone.
My son is not affectionate on a regular basis, and will only do it for specific people.

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Just respect your kids boundaries :woman_shrugging:t2:


I allow my kids to choose who they hug and kiss, but I do ensure they acknowledge people (say hello, goodnight, etc).

It’s his body. He should have the right to say who can and cannot touch him. Grandma and grandpa should want him to have that right

Me: Teaching my kids to respect boundaries, bodily autonomy, and consent starting at age 2.
Also me: I gave up my body for you, now you get back here and give me a kiss goodnight before I hold you down and take one, you little shit!

Kids are like that sometimes. Mine will turn away from a visitor when they first meet and hide, then 10 mins later he’s jumping up and down in their lap and trying to steal their drink. Except when they leave he’ll refuse so much as a high five, yet he will blow kisses to anyone on zoom, and he calls Blippi “Daddy”.
Kids are an enigma. They make their own rules. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Many kids have issues with forced affection. I always ask littles if they will give me a hug but will never force them. I will ask for a high-five or a fist bump if they don’t want to hug…and again, it is at their comfort level, not mine, that it happens.

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Kids can sense bad vibes,let him be

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