Are your kids affectionate with their grandparents?

Do you know why??
Do they visit often? Are they a bit stricter than you?
There’s generally a reason.
However, respect his boundaries. Don’t force him to be affectionate, with anyone.
Tell the grandparents to just remain calm & loving bc if they get upset, he can feel that & it’ll push him farther away. Maybe teach him to blow kisses & send hugs instead? Something he’s comfortable with.
Does he video chat with them or prep for their visit by drawing a “picture”? Do you talk about them at all? If you do & it’s negative, he can pick up on that too.
Also, do you hug them? If he sees you, he may change his mind.

Some kids are like that. Maybe they’re too affectionate. Some kids just don’t like it. Or only with certain people.

Not really and I wasn’t affectionate with mine. I don’t see it as a problem.

I get this, My 2 year old daughter is very mean to her great great grandma for some reason. She can’t even look at her or she screams at her like a velociraptor, but she’s very snuggly with my grandparents. We all live together. It’a like she can’t stand her :rofl::rofl: it’s really not funny but it is. I think it’s because my great grandma is always trying to shove food down her throat (not literally) and she can’t hear so we’re always yelling when we talk to her

My daughter always affectionate with my parents, my son never was. I let them do what is comfortable for them bc their bodies belong to themselves, not to anyone else

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My youngest did that he always thought he was so big. But he loves his grandma and papa. However papa passed when he was 3 so he really doesn’t member him but my other 2 do. Just let him do him momma he will

Give him time . Make them work on that relationship you can’t do it… If they come around enough and put in some effort he will know and he will show affection however he chooses too.

Kids are little humans with their own personalities and ideologies. I wouldn’t want to be forced into affection when I don’t want it. Especially if the grandparents aren’t around all the time. I feel like I’d be stand-off-ish. I don’t force affection. I ask if they want to give whoever a hug and if not then respect their boundaries. :heart:

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You tell them to respect him and his wishes. He might be young, but he knows what he likes, doesn’t like, is and isn’t comfortable with, ect.

You shouldn’t force him to do something he isn’t okay or comfortable with, as long as it’s not something important to his health (of course, he should go to the doctor, brush his teeth, ect).

As others have said, he may come around, he may not. Only time will tell and if he doesn’t? That’s perfectly fine and valid.


Nobody is entitled to someone else’s body. Your kid is allowed space to exist without people being in that space.


With my side yes. His dads side no. I feel a little bad, his grandpa really wants to bond with him :pensive:

Your kid doesnt owe affection to anyone. Its important for kids to set their own boundaries.


Don’t force your children to be affectionate with anyone. They are allowed to have boundaries and they should with anyone. Doesn’t matter family or not. Some children and people are not super affectionate and that’s ok. They can still bond in other ways. Let them show their love in their own way.


Give him time and don’t force him to tolerate or express affection. He’s two, he will probably get there eventually. Every person has the right to show affection only when they are comfortable with it, and that includes children. Don’t teach him that his own comfort is secondary when it comes to affection.

Their bodies, their rules.


That’s how kids are 🤷 Don’t force any kind of affection. My daughter 9 times out of 10 will not hug or kiss anyone except us (and then maybe not even). Some kids, like adults, aren’t touchy people.

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I would never force it.


How much do the grandparents play with him? Do they just want affection when they come in the door or before they leave? Also, at that age my girls didn’t want to really be hugged. My 5 year old still give “hugs” by backing into people. See if he will give a high five or shake hands.

Never force your child to be affectionate to anyone.


Maybe show him how to blow them kisses? That way they will still feel loved but also so it doesn’t put him in a spot he’s not comfortable with.