At what age did you stop breastfeeding: I need advice

When did you stop breastfeeding? How did you do it? My son is one year old (13 months) and still super addicted to nursing. He goes to bed at night without it now and sleeps until 5 am without it. But right at 5 am, and throughout the day, he is pretty much attached to the boob. He tugs on my shirt and cries until he gets it. He was starting to lose interest until I weaned him off at night, and now he wants it all the time during the day. He still uses booby for n as well! I definitely would love some ideas!


If he understands the concept of an ouchy try bandaids on your breasts and tell him mommy has ouchies


Honestly it’s hard to wean no matter how long. It’s going to be hard for both of you no matter what. But if you’ve decided you’re done (he doesn’t NEED it anymore) than just stick with it. He will adjust.


My baby was removed at 14 months x

Removed From the boob that us

I stopped breastfeeding when my son turned 2. I was working like 8 months before so as soon as I got home he was on it. And to sleep.
But once day I just stopped cold turkey. He still wants to smell it and touch it when he’s going to sleep but I just say no.

Just rub some shoe polish on your tit, that should break him. It did me!


Just go w it. Its not anyone to tell u how long. Its diff for everyone. My son was 8 months and done. My daughter lasted 3.5 yrs and i had to make her stop. She was obsessed.

you know what. when you decide to quite is the time but do it gently for your Childs sake. it is up to you and only you when to stop. The la leche league can help you so I encourage you to contact them if in your area,


As soon as they start biting you

At 3 almost I’m a stay home moms so I have no problem w that but f you work put some
Mustard he will not like it or coffe w oil and kids will get over it w no damage :smile::smile::smile: just not tasteful as before

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My oldest son i nursed for 10 months and was planning on longer but as soon as he started to be mobile he was no longer interested. I feel like as long as you want to and they do then should keep nursing. I wouldnt rush the weening process. Just do it slowly less during the day.

Little ones need routine as much as toddlers. It helps so much for them to know…for their system to get used to a routine. Just like you and I as adults…if we eat at certain times most days our body expects that. I skip breakfast a lot…and when I try to get on that routine again my body automatically tells me …hey…what’s up? Pick times that work best for you for a good feeding and try to reign in the constant feeding. Been there. You don’t need to do that. Also some of that is just baby wanting to be connected and close to you as well. Just be a stoic wise force in what they need and try not to let guilt guide you…I say that after having 4 kids of my own and looking back at the first vs the fourth. I started with baby food fruit mixes…because if I couldn’t stand the taste of the baby food why would I expect them to… and moving to the bottle. Give them the sense that all is well in your energy and also that you know best and all willl be well. It will adjust.

My child was difficult to… I stopped feeding my first at about 8 months and he was so bad at taking a bottle instead of me that one day I out him Inn high chair with a bottle and sat in the other room… He cried for half an hour then took the bottle… Most defo not how I wanted to do it… But I felt I had exhausted every otbe roption ans I was starting college in a few weeks so it needed to be sorted

I introduced a sippie cup at 10 1/2 months. Soon she realized she could get more milk a lot easier and she preferred that over nursing. I was done and she enjoyed using a cup so. It’s not going to be easy but stick to it. Good luck.

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Longest hardest one was my 2nd, took till she was 18 months, she had this but it was a night attachment. We weaned by making me unavailable at night- only daddy would get up to the cries, with a cup of warm milk or water, to rock or play or change, while she fussed -and I cried upstairs :sweat_smile:.
Took us about a week.

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three, my son quit near his third bday

Chocolate milk in sippy, you can put bandaids over your nipples and say all done !


All 3 of mine were different. I pumped for 12 months w my first, exclusively breastfed my 2nd for 18 months and currently breastfeeding my 3rd that will be 2 Nov 9th. But I definitely plan to stop before 3 :crossed_fingers:t4: