Aynone hate food while pregnant?

I’m 20 weeks pregnant. Has anyone else just not like food while pregnant? It’s a chore to force myself to eat anything, and I literally just gag. I was really sick and still am, but my doctor gave me something for it. I lost a ton of weight, but the baby is gaining, and everything looks good with him, but I have yet to gain any of the weight back.


I haven’t had an appetite other than fruit up until these last 4-5 days been craving hot wings things like that I’m 9 months pregnant

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Just make sure you keep taking those prenatals!

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I am 34 weeks pregnant with my third child. Hardly ever have an appetite during this pregnancy. My starting weight before getting pregnant was 114 & at my last check up I weighed in at 125 :woman_shrugging:t2: Baby is measuring where he needs to be though and doctor is not concerned… Actually he said he prefers patients like me who don’t gain a lot of weight during their pregnancy because he said when women do you gain more than 25 to 30 pounds during their pregnancy it caused risks & complications during birth and during the pregnancy.

I’ve had this with all of my pregnancies through the entire 9 months… There is a certain name for it, just continue taking your vitamins and eat what you can!

I was like this with all 4 of my pregnancys i would constantly throw up everything and never wamted to eat dr told me to just stay hydrate and to take my meds and vitamens and to keep down whatever i did eat if i would eat i never gaind weight with my pregnancys but babys where always healthy

My first pregnancy I had hyperemesis gravidium so badly I was hospitalized a few times, only being able to put on 10 lbs for the whole pregnancy. Baby came 4 weeks early but she was healthy. This go around the nausea hasn’t been as bad but it’s still so difficult to muster myself to eat. I’m sitting at 25 weeks pregnant now and unfortunately down 18 lbs since beginning of pregnancy but second baby is measuring fine, I’m just having another bad go around. My doctors have added metoclopramide to be taken 3x daily for the nausea and I’m able to keep liquids down so I’m trying to survive off smoothies just for any nutrition I can keep down. Hang in there mama!

With one of mine I could eat things that didn’t have a smell saltine crackers some cheese sliced cucumbers

I could not eat while I was pregnant the smell of everything sickend me like that the doctor gave me tablets and I just started eating like small things biscuits or wotsits to get me used to eating again hope your okay :heart:

Drink your food instead.

I hated pretty much everything while pregnant. Throwing up multiple times a day every day through my entire pregnancy really turned me off of eating anything. My son was born several months ago and I’m still struggling to enjoy food again.


I didn’t have an appetite with my second. Barely gained weight, and she was pretty tiny. She was also super healthy. Now she never eats (she’s 6) but she is super healthy, just picky. Except cereal, which was the only thing I ate while pregnant with her.

:raising_hand_woman:t2: it wasn’t that I was sick or had morning sickness or nausea or anything. I simply had no desire to eat. It was a struggle. I looked like I was maybe 5 months pregnant when I was 4 days past my due date. My face was super thin. Just keep trying. It sucks but you gotta do what you gotta do. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I am about to be 37 weeks and I’ve gained 4 oz… Baby is healthy and that’s all that matters. If you’re having a hard time eating try drinking protein shakes and take your vitamins. just remember the baby gets all their nutrition from you so if you’re not consuming food because it makes you sick you need to supplement the nutrients in other ways.
And try light things soup, yogurt, maybe thinner mashed potatoes. I have a hard time eating anything super heavy it doesn’t sound appealing I don’t want it. but I can eat things that are lighter and density like I said soup, yogurt stuff like that. And if I’m really not hungry I always keep protein shakes or meal replacement shakes. You could even try eating cereal.

Same for me till I got to 20 weeks then I starting eating more.

I’m 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and I literally have to make myself eat every day. I dont get an appetite and my stomach hurts every time I eat anything. But my baby is 4 lbs and 2 ounces so far. I’ve gained about 20 pounds since I’ve gotten pregnant. I eat frequent smaller meals throughout the day.

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With my first.
Try applesauce and yogurt.
Easy stuff you can just shove down your throat.
It’s really just figuring out what baby will allow and when.
If there’s anything you’re craving, always have it.
I hope it settles for you!!

Try plain yoghurt. It’s easy to digest, maybe saltines to help absorb your vitamins. See if pureeing foods makes it easier to keep down, and just take little nibbles of food all day long. Maybe check out what they recommend for people who have had bariatric surgery and can only absorb small amounts of food or they throw up. I know one is adding protein powder to drinks.

Did you try liquid nutrition?

:raising_hand_woman: yep. I had hyperemesis and I lost 25 pounds being pregnant. My doctor was never concerned because baby was growing just fine. I lived off ginger ale. I would go all day without eating because i was either sick, nothing sounded good, or simply forgot because i was never actually hungry :joy: the nausea and vomiting stopped 2 days after i had her and my appetite came back a couple months later. I just enjoyed the weight loss :joy::joy: