Baby name ideas?

Thoughts on the name Cael…like or don’t like. Thanks.


That’s my sisters Dogs name :tipping_hand_woman:

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Makes me think of kale.

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My daughter is named Caeley so like it!!

Is it pronounce kai-ell? If so i like it. Reminds me of angel sounding names

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Reminds me of kale too :leafy_green:

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I’ve known 2. I kinda like it

Like Kale or Cah-ell?


How is it pronounced?

Y’all what if it’s Pronounced “Kyle” :joy:


Like Kale? Noone likes kale…

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I see eel but a C so ceel
I wouldn’t pick that

The question is, do you like it? If so, then our opinions do not matter :upside_down_face:

My 11 year old sons name is Kale, im Hawaiian and irish and it’s a strong name in both! Everyone digs his name! Lol. Irish is Kale like the leaf, in Hawaiian its Kay-eel.

If you have to think about how to pronounce it then it’s probably not the best name. What’s with all the crazy & misspelled names lately?

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I like it. It’s different, but not ABCDE different :joy::joy:

If you like the name, why not… nobody else needs to decide in your place…

And just think this poor kid will be stuck correcting how people say this name forever. And let’s not forget correcting spelling. No. Not Kale, no not Call. C.A.E.L.

Do you mean like “Kal-El” as in superman? Or kale as in :leafy_green:

I mean I don’t like it myself but I don’t hate it either

Each to their own

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If you like it then use it. I wouldn’t name my kid that though.