Baby name ideas?

Who cares? If you like it, you use it. Your baby. Your name.

My Dads middle name is Cale. There’s another man in town named Cale. If you love it, use it. It’s your kid.

It’s like yucky salad

Cael? That’s pronounced“Kai-El” It’s a nice name! I know someone of that name

Honestly there’s a kid in my child’s 1st grade class and her name is Kale. There’s also a little boy who’s name is kal-el the students on occasion get them mixed up but overall it’s easy to pronounce and they are used to it. I think it’s an ok name, I wouldn’t use it but to each their own.

Like. It was one of our boy names but with a K. We had girls. :blush:

Frank N. LaRocca Pam LaRocca thoughts on this name ? Let me know

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In Gaelic, Cael means Nicholas. Which happens to be my middle name. So we named our son Cael Nicholas (yes, I call him Nicholas Nicholas some times just to be funny).
Strong name!
Also, From the Gaelic word caol which means “slender”. A name from Irish legend: Cáel was a Fianna warrior and mate to Créd.