Belly button questions during pregnancy

I’m about six months in, and still have an “innie.” But I’m getting this… Egg? Right above my belly button. It’s just a hard lump, doesn’t hurt or anything unless of a coughing fit, etc. (just getting over the flu). What I want to know is Is that my belly button trying to pop out? Or is it just my son pushing his head into everything, making it look like that scene from alien where the lady gave birth through her stomach to that scrawny, ugly alien thing?


Probably a hernia I would say! I’d get it checked by a doctor.


Could be a hernia or herniated belly button depending on location. Definitely ask your doctor.

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Sounds like a small umbilical hernia… get dr to check and monitor it


My belly button just became flush with the rest of me.

Sounds like a hernia, btw.

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Sounds like an abdominal hernia to me…


You should get it checked it could be a hernia but my daughter likes to chill out right there above my belly button so it feels like that sometimes

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I agree have it checked by your dr

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I still have an innie. Sometimes, when I cough, it gets pushed out, or when baby kicks. Eventually, it’ll just become flush with my belly.
Sometimes when I stand up, the majority of my innie belly button is under the top part of my belly button, creating a little bump above my belly button.
Best to bring it up with your doctor next time you see them!

Possible hernia…get checked

Mine just went completely flush with my tummy (and I was ENORMOUS when pregnant - like people asking when my triplets were due huge). I’d have it checked for a possible hernia.

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I have an innie but when i was almost 7 months pregnant it became an outtie, but it was my actual belly button, not above it, it sounds like an umbilical hernia

It sounds like a hernia and it’s probably from coughing so much so definitely get it checked out by the doctor

That happened to me, I had to have two small hernias repaired after I had my daughter.

I had the same thing. I got it from having the flu when I was pregnant and throwing up so bad. My OB checked it and said there wasn’t anything they could do while I was pregnant but it ended up going away after birth.

My belly button never popped out with either of my babies, but if you have a weird egg shaped bump you should ask your doctor about it.

I would say the same as everyone above, better to be safe than sorry. But I actually came here to tell you that your post made me chuckle as I used to ask similar questions when I was pregnant! Keep yourself safe mama! Xxx

Sounds like it could be a hernia but go see your gp and they will be able to tell u more x


It could be diastasis recti I would ask your ob about it. I have the same thing and it will have to be assessed after delivery. I was reading a lot of the time it goes away on its own.

Hernia , see the doctor.