Best bottles for a breast fed baby?

What are the best bottles to start putting your breast milk in to start switching to bottles but still using breast milk? My baby has been EXCLUSIVELY breastfed for six months. I need to start now before there is no turning back. I do not want to breastfeed the recommended two years for various reasons.


Tommie tippie. Nipples are formed like a breast.


We use tommee tippie bottles. They are closer to nature for closer to breast. I had to switch to formula due to severe food allergies and he would not take a bottle until I got those!

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My daughters loved the playtex bottles with liners. Also made it easy on me because you only need to wash the nipples :joy:

Mam bottles works excellent for us

My twins only use tommee tippee

Dr Brown’s Wideneck bottles.

Nuk bottles were the winner for our babe

They have tons of new nipples that are shaped like a boob, made especially for breast fed babies not sure where your from but Walmart has like 10 different kinds!!!

Both of my kids had no problems with the Playtex Ventaire bottles

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My ebf baby would only take MAM bottles. The nipples are flat, like how a mother’s nipples get during bf’ing. And they’re super easy to clean since the bottom screws off as well as the top

My son will only take pigeon wide neck occasionally
We’ve literally tried every bottle & that’s the only one he will take, but even that’s not always.

Tommee tippie for sure! Was the only bottles my LO would take after 10 months of breastfeeding

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2 years? I thought it was 1😅

I exclusively breast fed for 7 my and my baby refused to take a bottle but she took a sippy cup just fine.


I got the ones that’s nipple matched my nipple the closest

I used playtex ventaire wide with all four of my kids, not too expensive and anti colic, switched from bottle to breast and back without any nipple confusion

The only bottles my little boy would take were the cheap parents choice bottles from walmart. We tried all kinds of expensive bottles for him to only like the cheap ones lol. He also could only use slow flow nipples for a very long time. He was exclusively breastfed for almost 5 months and I had to go back to work.

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I just use the parents choice from walmart, 5oz bottles

We use Smilo with zero issues.