Best liquid foundation?

Mama’s I need help with finding a good liquid foundation. Any suggestions?

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Loreal infallible pro glow. It worked for me and I can’t wear most foundations because my skin is very sensitive. The matte one is sapposed to be really good too.

Younique has a great liquid that lasts a long time. Just a few drops goes a long way

Mary kay for the win for me! Mine always melts off. I’ve paid 12 for the l’oreal Walmart brands, 55 for brands like tart. Finally found Mary kay. 22. So not low end but not high end and no melting off issues. But, I have to prime first and use setting powder after. Otherwise I still have issues

Sephora can help you find your match, I use Bare Minerals liquid foundation and it’s my absolute favorite.

I love Bare Minerals. It’s expensive but won’t make you break out & makes your skin look fabulous. If you don’t want the glow, use the finishing powder for a matte look.

FENTY! Great coverage and it doesnt feel oily or cakey.