Breastfeeding is taking its toll on me: Advice?

I am so sick of breastfeeding my six month old. He won’t take a bottle. I can’t leave him with anyone else without him screaming the entire time I am gone. I stopped breastfeeding my first baby at around this time and kind of regretted it. Would she had amazing benefits if I had powered through? He is starting the bite me, which is making me want to breastfeed him even less. I would like to be away from for longer then is possible now. Part of me wants to power through to a year. But I’m a little afraid of having a lot of drama about weaning him. I can’t really imagine myself breastfeeding a toddler. Help! Should I? How do I get him over to a bottle? I’m not interested in pumping.


Try a transitional sippy cup with a silicone spout. He’s a little younger but it worked on my last kid!

What ever it is start asap.


He will take a bottle when he gets hungry enough. Your life and feelings matter, too.


Exactly. Be strong and more bullheaded than that strong little guy. You’ll win. He won’t go without. He will be a leader. :heart:


I went through this with my son. He was allergic to dairy and no matter how much I cut out he was still fussy. I tried weaning many times. Finally at 6 months I said enough is enough! And I refused to feed him. I had a bottle handy at all times and offered it to him every 10-15 minutes. Finally after 6 hours of not eating he took a few ounces. The 2nd time he wanted to eat he cried for maybe 10 minutes before taking the bottle, took 6 oz and that was it. He was on the bottle ever since. Just don’t give up!

Have you started to wean? Maybe once new tastes starts he won’t be as demanding for breast?

Try slowly weaning him. Try out different bottles. Maybe he’ll like the nipple more from a different brand. Or a different formula. Maybe he just doesn’t like the taste of the one you’re using. Pumping isn’t too bad if you’re really that worried about the benefits of breast feeding. Either way, no matter what you decide to do…bottle, breast, formula or your milk…the most important thing is that your baby is fed, healthy and happy and so are you.

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They bite, they learn to stop. 2 1/2 years old and I only work. No date nights, no mom going anywhere.

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Pump and try different bottle types.


They make bottles with nipples like the breast. Try those. Maybe try one bottle breast milk and the next formula.

Offer a sippy cup, he might mock you with it if you have a sippy cup too

Power through and he will take a bottle w someone else. Most babies wont w mom. Pump and freeze in ice trays then pop them out into ziplocks so whoever watches him they can heat up a few at a time. He will adjust it takes more than one time. Start weaning slowly but it sounds like u just dont want too and moms do need breaks but u sound selfish. I nursed my daughter for 3 yrs and my son was 4 when she was born. I went to school and worked the whole time. Still pumped until almost 1. she did learn to take formula from child care, most babies do.

I would personally try to continue as long as it is not affecting you mentally. I’ve breastfed 3 kids and all bite at some point or another. You can end up finding your child has allergies and intolerance to formula. Maybe try supplementing w the bottle and see how your child tolerates it first, if you cannot continue to breastfeed. Either way you will be a great mom. Whatever is best for you and baby

First, I’d talk to your pediatrician and a lactation consultant. Next, have you given any actual foods? If you haven’t then it’s not realistic to expect him not to fight you. If you have then you’ll just have to cry through it with him but wean him and take some of your life back. I had to bawl like a bitch but she eventually got hungry enough to take a bottle. Best of luck. First and foremost make an appt.

I nursed my 1st for a year and other 2 babes for 6m each…barely :joy: it gets hard, I know and they all had allergies, so I couldnt eat much while nursing them.
That being said, there is no difference in their health at all!!

Don’t worry, it won’t be long before he takes the bottle… if he’s hungry enough he’ll eat!


Continue to pump and bottle feed he will eventually get hungry and take it!

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I brest feed my son about 6 mths an I ween him off in one day after I try to give him the Brest an he bite me that was it every child is different do not give up ,

Phone the leleache league about this u cant be a completely tied.down at his apron strings give him a bottle hell take it.if hed hungry.enough