Can a 12 year old for sure know their sexual orientation?

My daughter told me she is gay. She’s 12 years old. Is it possible for her to know for sure?


Yes, though some kids struggle. And suggesting she doesn’t know for sure, shows you don’t truly accept it. So please don’t keep asking her if she knows or suggesting she might change her mind. It’ll show her that you never fully supported her.


Doesn’t matter if she is sure or not, support her no matter what the outcome


Yes. Most people I know knew who they were attracted to even sooner than 12. Don’t discredit her just because of her age


It’s possible. She may know for sure or she may not, just offer her support and go with the flow. It’s not a parent’s job to decide what a child knows about themselves. A parent is just supposed to give unconditional love and offer support.


I knew I had crushes on boys in 3rd grade. So yea by 12 you know what gender is attractive to you.

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Yes it is possible my daughter did and now she is 14 and doesn’t care if anyone knows that she is gay and I love and support her


I’m bi. I’ve kind known since I was in 2nd grade

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Most know long before 12. If she came to you and said she was straight would you question whether she was sure? Even if she realizes later she’s not gay just love her no matter what :heart:


Absolutely. I knew by 10
My oldest has always known
And my 10 year old just came out a couple of weeks ago

I knew I was bisexual at 9

She probably knows damn well😂 i knew i was bi at 12, 19 now still bi, although she could be struggling with her sexual orientation and is trying to find out for sure, but most likely she knows

Yes absolutely and even if it is a phase does it really matter? The moon goes through phases and is still considered the moon :full_moon_with_face:


Yep, you know. You know well before that.

Absolutely. If a person can know they are straight at a young age then they are equally able to know they are gay or any other sexual orientation.


My sister came out as bi when she was around that age. My mom told her that there was nothing wrong with that but that she still had plenty of time to discover herself and we have always supported her.


My daughter is 14. I am not sure when she knew, but it was about a year ago that she came out I suppose. My reaction was like, “ok”. Lol…she hardly talks about crushes or anything like that. She has many friends that are part of the LGBTQ community and more than anything, I told her to respect herself and show respect to others. To be open minded about others’ opinions and stand her ground if need be. And rules apply the same way about dating.

It really doesnt matter does it? If that’s how she feels that’s how she feels


Yep. I knew I liked boys at that age, by 14 knew I liked girls too.

Yep! I knew all my life basically