Can a baby sleep with a pacifier?

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Yes but after #2 I stopped with them completely for #3 & #4. Bc waking up 5938383 times a night to put it back in was :woozy_face:


My daughter sleeps with hers every night. She didn’t the first couple of months because she didn’t really care for it! But she is 7 months old and can’t go without it during the night. They eventually spit it out during the night

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I’m sorry but some of these questions make me really question if they should be having children.


My kids never liked pacifiers. But if they were to sleep with one, I would get the pop pacifiers. They stay clean longer cause it pops back into itself when it falls out of their mouths.

They say sleeping with a pacifier helps reduce the risk of SIDS but I would make sure it doesn’t have any rips or tears(especially if baby has teeth) as it could then be a potential choking hazard.


Actually is a good thing. Helps prevent sids in some cases. Reflexes them to breath.


Yes. It’s alit easier to break them from those than their thumbs.

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The real question is can baby sleep without a pacifier. Lol.


Mine did from the time he was 3 days old until he ditched it for his thumb.

My oldest had to have one. Second would not take it. But man what I wouldn’t give to trade my youngest two’s thumbs with one. I think binky is way better than those! :sweat_smile:

All 3 of mine slept with theirs

Yep. My son had the one he was given while in NICU until he was almost 2 and he finally bit a hole in the end…he wouldn’t use any other kind, so he decided he was done with it :woman_shrugging:

My kid sleeps with 3 lol one in his mouth and on in each hand he’s 14 months now (preemie baby though) and can’t sleep without them

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None of my kids liked them or their thumb. They lived for a bottle or sippy cup. :woman_facepalming:
They are all fine and healthy.
And 5

Yes mine did from new born to when they got rid of it!!

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My little one sleeps with a dodo but be prepared to be spending your entire night staring at them waiting for it to pop out their mouth and having to put it back in :woozy_face::joy::joy:


The doctor said it can help reduce the risk of sids.


All of my kids did! They wouldn’t stay asleep with out it

Jackie Spurlock first time moms asks questions like these sure you’ve been there

Some of them can’t sleep without it. Lol. But yes, it’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face: