Can a baby sleep with pacifier?

Absolutely!! My daughter (now 11) couldn’t sleep without hers!

Both of my babies did, I’ve heard it helps prevent SIDS. But I stop letting them use it after they turned a year old, some people have a hard time weaning their children off of them but both of mine handled it okay

Once my children discovered it had no milk they wouldn’t use one. Lol

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Yeah it’s bad for their teeth though

If you’re lucky they will! My 6 mo old will only take a bottle so I have to time it so she’s not getting too full plus u cant leave baby unattended with the bottle like the bink

My son sleep with it till he was 1 then after that when he was 2 he likes to hold it when he sleep

It can actually prevent sids

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Try not to give pacifier at all.

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Yes! Pacifiers can also help reduce the risk of (SIDS). Sucking on a pacifier at nap time/bedtime might reduce the risk of SIDS.


It helps them sleep better, but it is not good using it for a long time

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Yes. It soothes them to sleep so let them have it


Was told by my doctor it is best if they do keeps them breathing

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Mine did. They are in their 50ies & Strong Good Men!!!

Yes, it help’s them sleep better.

Yes or even a boob lol. Mine fell asleep with both lots of nights.:joy:

All mine did and the littlest still does

Yup…all 4 of mine did

they say it reduces chances of SIDS to sleep with one

Your kid your choice

Are these questions for real lately??? Jeez.