Can a mothers rights be terminated if she isn't seeing her kids?

So my husband and I r 23 yrs apart… He just got custody of his two other kids who r only 8 and 4 on Jan 28th. They are very smart and mature for their ages. There mother, who lives 5hrs away in ILLINOIS we live in Ohio. She has supervised visitation and has to set them up herself and come here for them… But yet has NOT set anything up and has a video called them a handful of times threw FB messager which both children don’t really talk during calls that last maybe 3 to 4 mins. They have adjusted VERY well here and have said many times on their own they r a lot happier in Ohio. My point is to this post is if she doesn’t set any visits up to see them, can ur rights get terminated at all?. If anything would ever happen to my husband. I would want custody of them… We have a VERY awesome lawyer and guardian on r side. We will be talking to r lawyer, but for a meeting, it’s 160 lol and can’t afford it at this time. They are seeing if any step mom’s been through any of this personally.


I don’t think parental rights can be terminated for that. But definitely talk to your lawyer about custody if god forbid something happens

I know in Tennessee they won’t even if they aren’t “using” their visitation… my mother has custody of my 5 year old niece who’s father sees her maybe once ever 3 months if that. He also is always behind of child support and they still won’t take his rights…

I believe 2 years without contact you can terminate and adopt. Ever state may vary

Think she would have to prof of being a bad mother and have 0 contact( talk or see them) for close to a year n they might take them away…
Is there a real reason you want her rights taken?


In ohio a year with no contact I’d considered abandonment. You can file to adopt them and they will notify the mother. She will have a chance to appeal the adoption but the judge makes the final call. I dated a guy who’s rights were terminated by the judge for failure to see his kids…so they could be adopted.


at this point, there’s proof there that the only type of cisitation she’s done is through short term calls. he can file for sole physical custody in his state and if she doesn’t show up(seems like she won’t) then it’ll in fact be granted to him.

Not right away but eventually the courts will take the parents rights away (if they are foster kids, I’d assume the same for any other)

Nope. She’ll have to sign her rights away.

Where I live in New Hampshire after 6 months with no visits no calls no child support . You can file for termination of rights because of abandonment at court house.

Its different for every state but in Illinois its a yr of no contact u can file abandonment and have her rights revoked.

Not a step mom but I am a mother. My ex went 3 years without calling or visiting my older 3 kids. He never sent anything for bdays or Christmas and only paid child support when it was garnished from his check. I hired a lawyer and I terminated his rights and my current husband adopted them. It didn’t take much when he tried to defend his actions all he had was a bunch of excuses. He couldn’t tell the courts anything about his kids. So if you hire a lawyer make sure you have all your ducks in a row. But feel free to reach out if you would like more information on different steps you will have to take. Good luck

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You cant terminate for that reason. Sounds like u r young and just need to take a seat. Mom has the right to call. Sounds like u just want to be the only woman in their life. Have your own baby


see if she’ll sign away her rights so you can adopt


18 months of no contact at all

They won’t terminate her rights just for non visitation.


Then the rights can be terminated. But even a call counts

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This happened with my daughter… her dad stopped seeing her when she was 6. Went to court 6 years later because court pursued his back child support… and they just granted me sole custody. They won’t terminate rights though unless someone else is stepping in to adopt them.

In Ohio it has to be a year with no contact and no child support before they’ll even consider it and even then she can fight it, not saying by that point she’d have a chance but she can try

My daughters bio dad has been in prison since she was 2 but because he has attempted to contact her in the last 18 months I can’t do anything