Can anyone calm my anxiety when it comes to my white blood cells being low?

I have contacted my doctor and am waiting for a response so please don’t tell me to ask them I’m waiting. I got my lab results back, and my white blood cell count is 4.2, and it says it’s low. Also, my creatine and BUN is not at a normal level either. I am 21 with SEVERE anxiety, and I also have an eating disorder I’m trying to work through with my psychologist. That being said, has this happened to anyone else before? I am absolutely terrified that something is wrong with me, or I’m going to die. If you could please share your stories with low white blood cell count, that would be great to help calm my anxiety. Thank you.


When you look at your labs, the ranges you see are for NON pregnant woman. I had this freak out too.

Normal is 5 so that’s not that low

My son had low white blood cells and they said it was due to low Iron. I started giving him multi vitamins with Iron and his cell count went back up.

Mine came back with low white blood cell count. My doctor said I was slightly anemic and recommended I take an iron supplement.

Normal WBC range is 4-11, so 4.2 is within normal limits. If your BUN and creatinine are low that could be a result of malnutrition from the eating disorder.


Please do not read your own results, do NOT Google your symptoms. Dont worry unless the dr says otherwise. You should not be getting any results and interpreting them yourself. Stop worrying!!!

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My white blood count is always low. Could mean something could just mean levels are low. You’ll be fine.

That is a tiny bit low ! It means nothing. 5.00-10.0 normal . We all go up and down. Stop reading into things your tests may show low results by a tenth or hundredth of lab parameters ! Each lab maybe a little different!

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If your doctor was really concerned, they would have contacted you right away to schedule an appointment to get the issue fixed. I have anxiety, as well, so I know telling you know to get worked up over it is useless, but if your doctor was concerned, you would know it already.


You are now being healed from that disease in Jesus name Amene

Hello I am a medical resident in France. As said, the normal limit is 4 so you are fine. Creatinine being low mostly means you are laking proteins probably due to your eating disorder but there is nothing to worry about if it is the only wrong things in your results. The thing that would be scary would be to have to much creatinine in your blood (that would mean that your kidneys are malfunctionning). So you can reason and realize you “just” have an eating disorder that you need to deal with before it gets worse but right now everything is fine :slight_smile: . Courage !!

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Anemic and malnutrition due to eating disorder probably

I would be more concerned if your white blood count was high than low tbh.

I have had the same thing happen. i have to take a folic acid pill daily and im good to go.

A high count is more concerning than a low count.

I know that feeling completely with not knowing. I can tell you from me I have battled many years of my both of my blood cells and other blood work all being low or high. I can tell you though when its low it’s more of being anemic. Which could be your iron, vitamin d, vitamin b12, or all of it. Unfortunately with your disorder that u are fighting through it may be taking those levels way down as your not getting enough iron, vitamin d, and vitamin b12. Your doctor may have you do more blood work to see which ones are exactly low. They may have you also take pills for iron, vit. d, or vit. b12 depending on which one it is.
For vitamin b if they do have you take the best kind is the ones that dissolve under your tongue as the doctor said that goes thru ur bloodstream quicker then what a pill does.
Iron you may have to take a pill or even get a iron transfusion which is having iron thru an iv.

Ur levels though ur not super low. I have been at one point of having my levels at zero and doctor told me I shouldn’t have even been sitting there.

You will get through it. It just takes time and unfortunately sometimes it’s something u may have to deal with all ur life. If u have any other questions please feel free to ask me I dont mind giving u any info I know from my experiences in my life as I’m still dealing with it.

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You’re not going to die!
Normal is between 4.0- 11.0. Some labs consider less then 4.5 to be low, so depending on where you got your lab work done you would be just a little low, but you are within normal range.
Not eating well or low levels of certain vitamins, such as folic acid and B12 can affect how your body makes WBCs. My WBC count was low because of low iron, I have to take an iron supplement along with vitamin C.

The low BUN and creatine levels are due to your eating disorder. Your WBC isn’t that low. I would not worry about it.

With you having an eating disorder that’s more than likely causing the low wbc. Get you some prenatal vitamins until you can work through it to ensure your body is getting proper nutrients. Everyone runs into health problems time to time. Everything will pan out honey. Are you taking any medicine for anxiety?

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You will be fine as long as you fix your diet. I always have issues with anemia so I use plenty beets and spinach

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