Can anyone recommend unique girl names that start with u?

Some of you might want to rethink some of your non “Unique” answers.

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Just pick a word that starts with U. It don’t have to make sense to everybody else

Euphemia my mums name

How to you flirt with a girl unaware? Unique up on her.

My Aunt’s name is Ullar. It’s a deep South name from the 1920’s.

Uma, Una, Undine, Urania, Unity, Unni, Usagi, and Uta.

I knew a Udell in college.

Ulani pronounced You-la-knee

Because I mean that’s what happened. Joined each other in the room and BOOM !

Umder arm…cause it stinks

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Unaisa, umayrah, umayma (all pronounced “oo”)

Unique Monique Eunice Ethyl

Ulyssiah (pronounced as “Yulesha”)

Eulalie (yoo lay lee)

Uli pronounced “you lee”


Una - pronounced uuna (as in “united”).

Norwegian names: Unni, Ulla, Ulrikke.

uliana,umaiza ulyana, unity

U will be perfect.
It will be like U where are you?

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