Can anyone suggest old baby girl names?

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Mildred. Bette. Eleanor. Ellen. Edith. Donna. Barbara. Abilene. Clara. Darlene. Fiona. Gertrude. Hilda. Irene. Nancy. Opal. Pearl. Ruth. Wilma. Winnie. Yvonne. Yvette.


Diane. I feel it a bit older and not so herd anymore :confused:

My nanna in law is called ‘Dolly’ or ‘Doris’ and I’m totally here for it!!
Really considering naming our baby ‘Dolly’ if we ever manage to get pregnant and it’s a girl :grin:


My Daughters name is Lylah… I’ve been told it is an old name by quite a few people. I think the older spelling is Lila

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My daughter is Aurora Idah :slightly_smiling_face:
A modern twist on an older name. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agnes, Edith, Angharad (it’s actually an ‘ancient’ welsh name, it’s not my favorite though pronounced “Ang(as in hang without the H)-ha-rad (with a subtle roll on the R​:sweat_smile::joy:) Judith, Maureen, Bridgitte, Ingrid, Claudette, Vivienne, Dorothy, Marylin, Rita, Moira, Wilma, Norma, Dolores, Shirley, Rosalind, Audrey, Miriam, Ionecene ( pronounced “eye-on-eh-keen… I’m not sure how old this name is or how popular it ever was but it was my great grandmothers name and apparently she was named after a ship?:woman_shrugging:), Fay/Faye, Charlotte, Emily, Sandra, Myfanwy (pronounced “Miv-ann-wee,”) Marion, Clara, Gloria, Francess, Violet… I honestly have hundreds, I could be here all day :joy: I’ll stop now as I’ve listed more than one or two :see_no_evil::joy: hopefully you find the name you love amongst the millions that are out there soon.


How about my full name…Josephine. I still wont “grow into it” for another 30+ years :joy:

Ruby, Margaret, Dorothy, Helen, Beatrice

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My little one is Harriet.


Mildred ,Francis , Pearl

Grace, my grandmother’s name, & Iva. Audrey, Mabel, Gloria, Ruth, Vera, Helen. I also had a Great Aunt Dorothy, who was known to everyone as “Dot” – this is my favorite.

Lucelia, Emeline, Conradina

Wilhemina and Henrietta( great grandmother and grandmother)

Daisey,Ellen,freida,Arlene, Celia, Edna , Doris,Irma, Virginia

Joséphine, Mathilde, Louise, Juliette

Ena my nans name melva my mums name both had Anna for middle name and Mary

Cornelia (my Oma’s name)

I have a Cora, Jolene, Marlena, and Daphne

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Wilma Elsie Betty Jolene Anne Olive Audrey