Can anyone suggest some ideas for sexy girl names?

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For an infant?
Kitty ( pussy :joy:)
Omg noooo!

Naomi… it is I Moan backwards


Ew… maybe sexy shouldn’t be the first thought when naming your kid​:rofl::face_vomiting:

It baffles me and makes me cringe when someone calls a baby sexy and in this case, is seeking a sexy name for their baby. How about a smart name, a strong name a beautiful name?


Who the fuck wants their baby to have a sexy name???

That whole question creeps me out


pedophile question. Doesn’t surprise me.

Fked up question if you ask me. Nothing sexy about babies unless your a pedophile. Babies are beautiful, cute, adorable, chunky…but not sexy. Quite frankly, it p*es me off how our society sexualizes children…especially girls. Kids are kids. Let them be such.


Wait…sexy baby names? What?

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This has to be a troll post…

Sexy ???
WTF ???
You’re kidding right …
Raising a Stripper !!!

Candice= Candy, will be a stripper
Charity, will be greedy
Chastity, will be a slut
Honor, will be shady
Not sure why u would want ur baby to be sexy but there u go.