Can anyone suggest some unique baby girl names?

Raina, Ruby, Rayshell, Cheridan,

Noname sounded as
no nah me

Sue, Dylan, Hank, Joan,

Charis it means beautiful golden eagle

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Tessanne, Lena, Brenna, Mirabella, Cristabelle, Robyn, Dana

Sage, Taya, stevie Taja

Ruby-Jene, Viann-Cecil, Starla-Mae

My daughters are Liberty Bell and Paxton “Paxi” Maryse

My daughter’s name is from the Bible, DANIELLE ANNE (Prophet Daniel and St. Anne- Mama Mary’s mother😊

Nevayah, Ahrya, Kaylee, Harlei, Kenzee Marie, Amara,

My name …
There are very few
I’ve only met 1 other in my life
I’m told I’m very unique !!!

Meridah or Renesme

Brooke Alison, Peyton Rose, Parker Grace

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Aurora, Lucaria, Flora

Eophomia… Effie for short

My mom was named Fredericka Wilhelmina and hated it. My grandfather wanted s boy. My name’s are Dawn Heather Louise. Dawn because I was born at daybreak. Heather was my dad’s girlfriend on the 2nd world war. And Louise is a family name from both sides

names carry a spirit in them. If it fits the personality the name will support the named and if not the name will cause bring the named into loss. So chose a name carefully considering your family .

I named my youngest daughter Edonia Sue. She says nobody can say her name right.

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I loved my nans name it was Christable Moon

I planned on naming my oldest Heather,but when she was born she had a headful of dark hair. She wasn’t a Heather, so we named her Hedi unique we thought. She still says people call her Heddie