Can anyone suggests from tips for treating carpal tunnel during pregnancy?

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Running my hands under hot tolerable water works for me. It doesn’t completely go away but it alleviates the pain enough to where I can ignore it. Stretching the fingers back also helps.

Nope… It was horrendously miserable. Thankfully it went away quickly once baby was evicted.

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During my 2 pregnancy my carpal tunnel was horrible! At times unbearable! Nothing helped me! I hope you find something that helps you!
Try a wrist brace. Propping your arms up on pillows.
Heat and/or cold on your wrists.

Braces hurt me terribly. I soaked in ice water. Things get loose during pregnancy. Ice helps tighten everything up.

Occupation therapy if possible. Squeeze ball may help a little. My symptoms became worse during my pregnancy. Eventually, needing surgery but it was so well worth it. Almost 14 years later it has begin to return and I am not pregnant. Dang CPT.

Ice Packs helped me and also the half finger compression gloves.

I used vicks vapo rub/cream on my wrists. You can get the cream from Amazon and it’s not as greasy as the rub. Good luck.

Braces at night, heating pad and slow stretches when waking followed by ice hot type rub during day as needed. Medical massage therapy can help too. Hurts horribly when doing it but improved dramatically the days after.

I went to a chiropractor and used wrist braces.

Patience, hormones make it worse, I was told even after a year from birth your hormones could cause carpal tunnel pain, luckily the dr. I saw was honest and didn’t just want to cut, it got much better around a year after birth.

Soak your arm in warm to hot water elbow down to hand also the sale the microwave bean packs that are long and flexible reusable they help too check with OB if you can use Voltaren pain cream it is over counter now

I had to wear wrist braces to bed because I’d wake up in pain if I didn’t.

Braces, kiniseology tape, chiropractor

Only thing that someone helped was the braces.


I hope you find relief! Mine lasted for about 6-8 weeks after birth which was awful.

I’ve heard of a lot of success with the use of braces

Remove Inflammatory foods from your diet.

Magnet bracelets are my go to when my arms bother me

Elevation of hands on pillows ,braces