Can anyone tell me their experiences with Lexapro?

I finally saw a doctor for postpartum anxiety… 18 months later! They prescribed me Lexapro, and I have some weird side effects. Can anyone share their experiences with Lexapro?


If you don’t like the feeling you need to call your Dr and find something else. You shouldn’t feel weird.

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It made my suicidal thoughts go away but i couldnt feel happiness. I was dull.

Klonopin helps with my anxiety

Celexa is the only thing I can take that I don’t get weird side effects

That stuff was horrible for me. I was on for a month and a half. I couldn’t sleep, and had many panic attacks!

Over a 10 year time span I was on 4 different meds for postpartum depression. Lexapro not being one of them. In my experience I had every single side effect possible. At some point, I decided to just deal with them. Which turned out to be the worst choice I’ve ever made!! All my depression symptoms worsened and I began having horrible panic and anxiety. One day I woke up and decided I’d had enough…weened off the meds. Which was absolutely horrific. Got myself into therapy and dealt with all that was bothering me. Today I am script free…including high blood pressure meds. I’m giving you this background because I don’t believe the meds that are supposed to help us, help at all. They numb the issues we are holding onto. I also believe you have to do what is best for you and YOU alone. If you feel weird, checked out or anything out of your norm…speak to your dr and find the med that works for you or explore other options. One more thing. I was talking to my daughter who’s now 20…I have very little memory of her first 10 years. I contribute that to the meds. I’m sending good vibes to you :smile::smile:

My son and I are both on it. I love it but just like all medication it effects everyone differently. I haven’t had any side effects.

The only issue I had was headaches in the beginning and now no issues at all. Definitely has helped with anxiety

That drug did not work for me. I started cutting while I took it. My depression got way worse. I ended up on effexor xr. Worked amazing

Consult your pharmacist

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Fine but everyone is different

When I took it years ago it made me droggy. Celexa has been much more effective for me, especially in winter months of depression.

I will never take it again. :joy: It’s different for everyone though.

My son takes 10mg lexapro for his anxiety and depression. He was so depressed. Never could get him to smile no matter where we went or what we did. And it has helped him alot. Hes finally back to outgoing, goofy, living self

I find I have a brain fog, and dry mouth. I prefer to take it before bed that way the brain fog doesn’t last as long. But other medications I’ve been on I’m zombie like

I was on it years ago. Kind of felt like a zombie all the time. I also had really weird dreams & chills, like sweating a lot. Different for everyone I’m sure, but I didn’t like it. The doctor at the time also told me it takes your body 2-3 weeks to get used to it

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I had what felt like a seizure on it. It’s different for everyone. Give it enough time to level out unless side effects become severe.

I didn’t sleep. For 2 weeks streight. Mood was good just didnt like the side effects. I was switched to zoloft and I feel way better

I wouldn’t cope without it. For the 1st 2 weeks I took 1/2 dose then went up to full dose. Been on it for 7 years