Can breastfed babies have formula?

This is my 3rd child, and I want to know what you all think would breastfeeding and feeding the baby formula hurt the baby? Like if I’m out and about or with family, it will be on formula or if I’m out with friends.


That’s what I did with both my kids they are healthy


Lots of people combi feed, start young so she will take it aswell as your breastmilk xx

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I don’t see why not just be careful because of nipple confusion the formula may upset their tummy at first because it’s a lot thicker than your breast milk

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It’s really up to your baby. My kids would never drink the formula when I tried.

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My daughter got both in a bottle.

Not even a little bit

I was breastfeeding and supplementing with formula and shes 2 now it’s just trial and error with formula

Lots of breastfed babies are supplemented with formula too. Some even claim to be more like breast milk. I supplemented with my second and did formula during the day and only breast fed at night

You can, you just have to find one that your baby can tolerate, formula can be rough on the belly of babies, If I ever needed formula I always bought parents choice sensitive from Wal-Mart(orange), because Gerber and similac sensitive caused stomach issues. They also have formula for supplementation for breastfed babies. You just have to find one that baby can tolerate and it’ll be ok

Yes they can definitely

Shouldn’t hurt the baby unless baby has a milk allergy or intolerance. Had one that had to use only similac alimentum and now this one can use similac pro advanced, i breastfed them both. I use formula when I am out or can’t get to a spot to breastfeed or when dad has baby alone, so I don’t have to pump

You definitely can, but you may want to try it a couple times at home to make sure baby doesn’t have a reaction to the formula you chose. Also keep in mind that each feeding you miss with breastfeeding may mess with your supply.

I do both, you just aren’t supposed to mix the formula and breast milk.

I did that with my middle son and he would have tummy troubles so at 11 mos I asked his dr about rice or almond milk instead and he gave me the ok to try whole milk. It just depends on the kid but certainly ok to try it.

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Totally fine. I did half and half for 9 months because I didn’t make enough milk and my child had a milk protein allergy.

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We do both, our baby is fine. Just make sure you use slow flow nipples on your bottle so baby doesn’t get too impatient when they nurse, because that can result in pain and frustration for mama.

No you can do both wont hurt baby but might effect your milk supply


I dont produce enough milk so I did both

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I did both… used breast milk to mix w formula instead of water…