Can breastfeeding cause irregular periods?

Can some mamas help me out?? I had a baby in January this year, and I do breastfeed as well, but I only have had one period since. I took two pregnancy tests both came out negative, and I’m not in birth control. Could breastfeeding be the cause of this?? Has anyone gone through something like this, and if so, for how long did you go without a period??


Yes! Periods can be alllllll kinds of out of whack after having a baby, whether you are breastfeeding or not. Breastfeeding can prolong the return though. It is also very possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding, although it can be harder for some people.
You can still be ovulating without having a period.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can breastfeeding cause irregular periods?

Went 18 months and 16 months without one while nursing my kids. Its normal:)


Its normal while breastfeeding


It will cause irregular periods. Some don’t have one at all. You can still be ovulating even if you don’t have one lol. Take advantage of it! Haha. I breastfed 3 kids. Each of them till at least 2. :heart:

I had a baby in January too, also breastfeeding still haven’t had a period it can make em a little wonky did with my other babies as well.

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Yep. And wait until your breastmilk changes colors! I freaked when it turned blue and orange😂 but my newborn never got sick like everyone else did!

I had a baby in November and haven’t had a period since, its completely normal

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Yes mam absolutely u can skip period while breastfeeding

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Yes breastfeeding can cause irregular periods due to a hormone that is produced while breastfeeding

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It’s normal, but dont rely on it for birth control

I had my baby in March and only just got my first period. Breastfeeding does delay it too, if you’ve taken a pregnancy test and it’s negative I wouldn’t worry too much. :slight_smile:

Yes it can, I had my baby in November and breastfeed, still haven’t gotten gotten my period since before I became pregnant with her. Completely normal it’s supposed to happen. Happened with both my other kids as well.

Yes it does i had my son at the end of dec n i only had spotting in april. I would be cautious though because i had my daughter in jan of 2020 was breastfeeding n had irregular periods everyone td me it was normal but i kept feeling off n ended up with my son in dec 2020 im having the same issue now and going ro test soon

My niece got pregnant while breastfeeding and never got her period.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can breastfeeding cause irregular periods?

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When I had my first baby I never got my period until 9 months after and I breastfed her until 1 1/2 years now she’s 2 1/2. So yes breastfeeding makes you not have your period as long as you’re breastfeeding constantly

Not sure but hormones after birth can. I never had irregular periods when i bf and i bf 2 kids, one for 3 yrs. Id ask your doc

Get a blood drawn preg test