Can he legally order a paternity test?

I need some advice on a very close family member. They live in Illinois if anyone would be familiar with the laws there. He has a daughter that is 13 that technically isn’t his. He signed the birth certificate though and has been the dad since this child was about 6-7 months old. The actual father has three other children by the same mother, who is all older and has never paid child support. He has recently finally gotten a job and been caught and is now saying he is going order a paternity test on the 4th child, which is his, and quite a few people know this, but the 13-year-old child doesn’t. We all feel that this would crush this child. Plus the fact he’s going to be paying child support for four kids instead of 3. But he doesn’t seem to care. He never cared before. But I think he’s doing it to be spiteful. Just to cause a problem. Can he legally order a paternity test on this child?


Yes but this could be fought if proven that he has known for over 2 years and didn’t do anything about it.


Yes, especially if he will have to pay child support for that child.


Not without a family court petition to re-open paternity or through a divorce action.

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He can do a paternity test on his own and the courts can order it also! Whatever the “real” reason for doing so is not the issue, it is used to prove paternity or not. This is why I strongly suggest that women get to know the men before having babies, they don’t keep a boy/man, and the woman gets stuck raising this kid alone. It’s not fair the kids who are born into these situations and people need to think before just having sex of sex’s sake.


Yes he can BUT if he signed bc then he took financial responsibly to that child.! So he may have to pay anyways.

Good luck and i hope that he will change his mind for the child sake…

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Yes he can definitely order a paternity test specially if it’s child support it has to be done no matter what

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Yes but the mother can go for abandonment

Yes… And you would have to find the real dad…

The daughter has a right to know.


I understand thet this may not be the way you want the child to find out but she is 13 and she has a right to know who her real father is.


Consult a lawyer not Facebook


Yes 100% everyone deserves a right to know if there going to be a parent why anyone would want to withhold information like that is sick to me

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Yes he legally can especially if paying child support. And she should know. If the daughter finds out down the road and it was kept a secret there will be a ton of drama and hurt.

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Tell the kid the truth before he does. And he will. If he is asking for a paternity test it just means he wants the truth to come out. Better if it comes from mama.

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Are you saying the biological dad DID NOT sign the stepdad did? If THAT’S the case then NO legally he’s not recognized as her father and it would take a court order for him to be able to do so.

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I believe either parent can request a paternity test, especially if there is an issue of child support. At least that’s how it works here in Virginia. My best advice is schedule a consultation with a good family attorney. Most attorneys will give you a 30 min consult for free. You could also research it on the internet. For peace of mind, Id see an attorney. What about the child? If he is the father, he will be awarded some type of visitation. How are you going to explain to her that she has been lied to all this time? I think you said she was thirteen? Puberty is the worst possible time for this kind of upset. Becoming a teenager is alot like temporary insanity. Maybe you should seek the advice of a family therapist about the best way to transition her into this new dynamic? Good luck, you have a tough time ahead. Ultimately doing what’s right for your child will always be the right answer.

Captain Dipshit has known about this child for years and has done nothing about it. No child support, no visits, no contact whatsoever which is considered abandonment in the eyes of the courts. You can fight this easily and win. He can ask for the paternity test all he wants but he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. There is no custody order in place, there is no child support being paid, there has been zero contact between said child and Captain Dipshit. He can blow it out of his ass and I’m pretty sure that the courts will laugh in his face and tell him the same thing.

Ignore him. Block Captain Dipshit, his gf/ wife, friends and his family members on all forms of social media, your phone, and email. DO NOT UNBLOCK HIM!!!

Let the school, church, daycare, etc know that no one other than the people you give the ok to are allowed to contact, visit, and/or pick up your child and to notify you IMMEDIATELY if that happens.

Trust me on this. I have a Captain Dipshit Fucktard myself.

I would think that he would have to get a count order. Legally he’s just some dude claiming to be the father. Someone else signed the birth certificate.

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