Can I cancel a child support case?

Please post anonymous I have three kids from a previous marriage I will honestly admit I filed for child support on my ex-husband just to make his life miserable at first he would see the kids and spent time with them ever since he remarried and had kids with his new wife things changed he no longer sees our kids and the kids want nothing to do with him. My new husband suggested I close child support to no longer have ties with him, and honestly financially I don’t need it nor my kids the other hassle is every time he gets a new job I go 6 to 9 months without getting child support from him my question is how do I close the case? Can I even close it? To no longer receive child support, can I include past arrears to be closed to? I know it depends on the state we live in California.


Close it if you can.

Why not take it. Put it in an account for the kids. It could help with there future


Your best bet is to call the state of California child support office. They will give best advice!

Props to new husband for stepping up!

I say don’t but I’m mean. Regardless of any situation dont let a parent walk away completley like that!


I live in California! Dont stop child support. Put money in college fund or car fund for kids.


You’ll have ties with him legally with or without the child support unless your husband adopts the children. I’d keep it open. The least he can do is pay.


You should be able to go to the courthouse and sign a paper closing it.

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Take it and put it in an account for the kids for college or something.


Take it…put it in accounts for your children. Life is expensive. They can use it or donate it later


Some states wont allow you to because legally hes responsible financially already. Best bet is to call the child support office and ask. But why not keep it going and save it for your kids?? It’s for them anyway.


Make a savings account for the kids.


If you have any type of state help you do t have the choice but if it’s agreed upon between yourselves you can remove the court order

You should set the money aside for the kids when they turn 18… they can at least get a car or pay some towards college… don’t worry if he doesn’t pay it because you won’t be expecting it anyway


take it and save it for the kids.


Don’t close it, even if you are financially well off. Put it in an account for them if you need to & when they are older, they can use it later


To me, that’s your kids money and why should they be denied it. It’s his responsibility too. Put it in a trust for them for college or unforeseen events.


Don’t make the same mistake I did. Let it ride Mamma. My advice is to leave it be. The money WILL come in handy one way or another. Don’t think of you right now, but your children or even grandchildren. He owes the money. Period.


Not in Tennessee, the state makes you pay

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This is a question for the state you live in! Every state has different laws and rules an regulations

Im pretty sure the California website for child support has an option for you to request to close it…