Can I drink anything other than water for ultrasounds?

When I go for ultrasounds, am I able to drink anything other than water as it makes me sick a lot, or does it just have to be water?


Just not dark liquid, if you’re ok with squash, that’ll be fine - it’s what I drank

Juice is best because it makes baby active before an ultrasound :purple_heart:


You don’t even have to drink anything at all for them. They say it makes it easy to see on the first ultrasound. But I never did because honestly having a full bladder with them pressing on your stomach SUCKS :rofl:


Anything but water? I’ve NEVER been told what to drink or eat for an ultrasound. And I’ve got three babies.


It’s only needed for an abdominal ultrasound.
Drink a glass of oj beforehand

Just drink any liquid I’ve been told.

I did apple juice before my anatomy scan and the baby was very active!!

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I usually drink tea … I literally have to force myself to drink water… it’s mainly important for the early ultrasounds so they can get a better image but the further along you are the less necessary it it

I was told to get baby moving drink oj but she was stubborn on letting us see what she was. I did the same tactic this ultrasound and baby boy was moving too much to where I have to have a repeat. Full bladder sucks at ultrasounds and if you’re struggling to keep water down drink oj or cranberry juice

Not baby related, but I had to drink several huge glasses of cold water in order to have a pelvic ultrasound to find out why I was having severe pain. (Ovarian cysts)

They just want bladder full for better picture quality

I drank 2 pitchers of beer before all mine


I don’t think it matters. As I’ve never been told otherwise.
But I wouldn’t think so unless your doctor says something.

32 ounces of liquid 1 hour prior to exam. Not start chugging an hour before, but gone 1 hour before hand. What drink it is is irrelvant. If you drink more than the recommended 32 ounces it actually enlarge your bladder too much and distort pictures :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

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For those of you that obviously aren’t experts in ultrasounds :joy::thinking: for an over the belly ultrasound a full bladder helps to see the baby better. How? Because our probes need the fluid from the bladder and is used as a window to see the baby. Versus you being empty and just showing us all your gas or poopie moving around making it harder to see the baby. Yes you can see poopie and gas in an ultrasound. Anywho. If you cant drink water just dont empty your bladder until the exam is over. If you want a clear image of baby. If you dont care of seeing your baby’s well being in an ultrasound. By all means listen to the experts on here. :joy:


I drank Gatorade and juice my whole pregnancy

The more sugar in the drink the more active the baby

Bottle of jack is best


As long as your bladder is full, that’s all they care about. You dont even necessarily have to drink before hand, its just that a full bladder pushes the baby up where they can see it easier.