Can I easily get my childs fathers rights taken away?

Child’s father is in prison for a violent felony offence including use of a weapon, and a habitual offender. We have shared legal custody only. Because of the charges how easy would it be to terminate rights?


Depends on your state. Some states you can’t terminate or sign off rights unless someone adopts child.

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Talk to a lawyer. Not facebook. Every state, and even county, is different.


That’s really something you need to consult a family lawyer for as every state is different.


I know In WV there has to be someone else that is willing to adopt the child unless you can prove abandonment and sometimes will will terminate them.

My ex has no visitation rights but you can’t terminate the other parents rights in mo unless they are a danger to the child and you can prove it in court

Most states require someone to adopt the child before rights can be terminated. You should really consult a family attorney on this one as it does vary from state to state.

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Talk to a lawyer. Pretty sure visitation would change…but to terminate his rights as a father, I dont think your able to.


Not easily. Have u asked him if he’d be willing to give up rights? That’s the easiest way


Ask a judge in your area


Every state and county is different…I dont think being a felon is enough to strip away parental rights, esp if you have joint custody.

Every state, county is different. Talk to a lawyer and not Facebook. I know you want the advice but there just some things where you should just go straight to legal help.


Go to a lawyer every case is differant.
I wpuldnt be posting or asking anyone just keep shit to yourself go in be an adult and get it done.
Move on with your life.

You might be able to go to court and have his visitation/contact legally stopped until HE takes you back to court to reinstate after his release


Lawyer only can tell you

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All u have to is file for full custody and explain to the judge he is jail/prison and why you want full custody and they will pull his right


You really need to start posting the state these people live in. I can’t give proper help if I don’t know you state laws.


Depends on the state and the sentence length.

Does he love his children? Would he ever hurt them? Make sure to ask yourself these questions. Maybe supervised visits would be better than cutting him out.


Talk to lawyer shouldn’t be to hard