Can I file for custody without a lawyer?

I’ve spoken to many lawyers, all with the same answer “Come back with $1,000 to start your case” easier said than done, right? At least for me, anyway. Can I file for custody without a lawyer? If so, how?! This waiting game of seeing my child is killing me! Never did I think my daughter’s father would just take her and not even let me see her or get any kind of updates :sob:


Yes you can just go to your family.court and file. At least in pa you can and you dont need a lawyer. Ask for an emergency hearing too. Goodluck

Yeah, it’s easier with a lawyer though

absolutely, my son did and the wife had an attorney, he won…make sure you have your ducks all in a row…before going in front of judge…

Yes you can! But maybe try to find a lawyer willing to do pro bono cases. Depends on the state your in. Here where im from they offer the extra help when possible.

Way easier with a lawyer cause if ge has one sorry to say but ge would probably get granted custody it all just depends on state and living arrangements

Yes. It’s really not that hard. Just ask at the court house for the email address and print off the proper paperwork. Keep records of all dates and times. Record everything in a notebook and be honest.

according to the court some forms needed to establish custody do not exist for a civilian to file. A lawyer had to draw them up and file them

You can do anything without a laywer. Just gotta file the paperwork.

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In sc you can just make sure you have all your paperwork right go to

You should be able to. Contact your county clerk for info, but remember there will still be filing fees. If the other party has a lawyer they can send you in the hole. Having a lawyer is expensive, but depending the case, it can save you a lot of money. You may also want to consider looking into your local legal aid to see if you qualify

They have lawyers for people that don’t have the cash :dollar:. You just have to find one. :pray::pray::pray:prayers for you.:pray::pray:

Go to the courthouse but theres still a filing charge

Yes you can just go to court and have the petition filed. If you want someone to represent you, go to legal aide. They will not charge you if you qualify.

This may seem like a silly suggestion to some, but have you tried legal aid? Some states offer help with that and some dont

A pro bono lawyer you can Google pro bono lawyer in your city, town. Community.

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Where do you live? Some states require parents to be married before they have rights to their children, paternity established or not.

Try legal aide they don’t charge but u must meet the guidelines

Why does her father have her?

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Try to find a legal aid. They usually help you, or at least point you in the right direction. And usually for free.