Can I get child support from someone on SSDI?

Has anyone ever had experience with getting child support from a noncustodial parent on SSDI (social security disability income?) My 13 year old’s father abandoned him when he was 3 and moved 4 states away after not showing for his court ordered visitation. My son doesn’t even remember him nor does he even have any idea who he is (he’s only seen him once a since he was 1 1/2) I tried applying for child support back in 2010 but due to his “sperm donor” being on just SSI (social security income) at the time instead of SSDI, they couldn’t touch him. Now I’ve reapplied and am just wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of thing. Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


If I remember right. They cant take childsupport from ssdi either

Kids can draw off the parent with disability that’s considered child support for the state of Utah.

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Nope. The state won’t take money from themselves. My best friend just went through it. Basically told her to work it out with him to make payment

I don’t think you can get anything if he is on diability but i might be wrong. Call the court in his state and see

I would say yes. But if it’s SSI no. Go get it.

Yes you can but it will not be very much…

Yes, you can. I recieve it from my daughters father.

You need to contact social security. Ur child qualifies for a benefit from social security because his father is disabled.


I have some research ofmn this and what i have found is yes you can. My daughters dad owes 24000 in back and they can take some of his back to pay me that plus your child should be able to draw a check every month with it and if im not mistaking ive ready they are still obligated to pay child support each month. Ssi no ssdi yes from what ive found

But you would be required to still support that child even if SSI or SSDI was your only income. Makes no sense.

My boyfriends dad social security gets garnished for back pay child support so yes do it what’s the worst that can happen! My bf is 36 and his dad pays for him, his twin and younger brother also his half sister from a different mom!! Good luck!!

You can’t garnish for child support but if he qualifies for dependent benefits you can claim them by going to the SS office

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Check into him getting his own check because my ex is on SSDI and his daughter gets a check until she is 18 ( he is 100% disabled and him and her mom have never been married)

The child should be able to apply for a portion of his SSDI. They will mail you the check for the child leaving him out of it. Contact SS office and ask them for what you’d need to do.

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Ssi does not qualify. Ssd does.

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I believe you can. Better to contact ss office

Federal law says SSI can not be garnished even for child support but SSDI can


If they claim children on their disability claim the money for the children go to the custodial parent. I get for 2 separate kids for 2 separate ex husbands. It’s in lou of child support… one of my kids has not had a visitation with their dad in nearly 10 years. He just in the last couple years started receiving disability. He put his two sons as his kids and each kid got their amount. I received a letter from social security of his claim and I had to go to the office to finish the claim for my son. My other her dad was on disability while we were married so I just updated information when we split and keep info current

He should get it. Also u should be about to draw from the father social security. As your local social security office.