Can I get my childs dad for abandonment?

I live in Texas and have two girls. Age 2 and 4. Both have the same dad. Our 1st was a 1 nightstand, and he moved out of state after that. Wasn’t there for the pregnancy or nothing? I wanted to try and be a family; I didn’t have a dad growing up. So we connect, and he moved back down here when my oldest was two years old. I got pregnant, and the true color came out. He’s a massive alcoholic and drug addict. He wouldn’t change his ways, so I kicked him out when my youngest was two weeks old. I have been with an amazing man for almost two years. He loves my girls has his own. I’m not looking to have my boyfriend adopt them that will be on the girls or if he wants to in the future. My kid’s bio father has never been in their lives except for the nine months we tried to be a family. Since I kicked him out, he has moved to AZ with his bio mother (he was adopted) who is a sex offender and hasn’t registered in over two years. She is wanted of now, and she is on the run. He has three other kids taken by CPS and in the foster care system. MY QUESTION IS CAN I PULL HIS RIGHTS FOR ABANDONING HIS KIDS?


I had a lot of issues with my oldest daughters father. We couldn’t find him at all. So we posted a note in the classifieds for 30 days.

He didn’t respond and went to court. He hadn’t paid child support in 2 years and my other daughters father has shown where he takes care of her since she was 6 months and she’s 12 now been adopted for 2 years.

Our situation was really different. We are the first to get our adoption approved as the adopted father and I are no longer together and hadn’t been for like 5 years but never stopped him from
Being dad. I never kept
My daughter from him
Or his family. Only thing different now is she has his name.

We paid for a social worker and a guardian ad litem and an adoption took care of everything. I feel this was the best for us.

So maybe look at step parent adoption if you are serious.

Where I live which is Ohio if you are not married when the child is born and he isn’t listed on the birth certificate you automatically have full rights… so with that being said since you wasnt married and if hes not on the birth certificate and you never did a DNA test he had no rights to begin with and he cant do nothing without taking you to court which is highly unlikely.


Yes…terminate his rights.

You will have to check the laws/requirements for parental abandonment in your state to see what stipulations need to be met.

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I know in arizona its 6 months with no contact from the time you file to have his parental rights removed. I also know that the time needed for abandonment varies by state, so file as soon as possible, and they will be stripped from him at the end of the time that the state says is needed for abandonment. Once his parental rights are revoked, your current husband could technically adopt your children if that is what you want.

I think it varies state to state. Google what qualifies as child abandonment in your state.

For termination you have to look at what the laws and requirements are in your particular state and county. Where we live in Michigan there has to be 3 years of no attempt of contact before they will terminate a parents rights. If hes knowingly associating with a sex offender that’s grounds for termination right there and if his other kids were taken away I’d look into that because depending on the reasons you may be able to get his rights terminated from that too. At the very least you’ll get supervised visits if he chooses to try to come back in their lives.

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Not in the state of Nebraska. Mine were abandoned. You need to seek legal counsel to explain your rights and his rights.
Hope you have everything documented daily, monthly and yearly from day one.

Plus, majority of States will not allow a termination of parental rights unless there is a step-parent willing to adopt. Reason for this is if something would happen to you there is no other legal parent.

You get a lawyer.He notifies Baby’s father of his rights to terminate. If he doesn’t respond( by going to court). it’s over.

I believe you can but the final decision is up to the judge. Just because you want them talen doesnt mean the judge will do it. All you can do is file for it, get your proof, tell your story and more than likely yes the judge will pull them. Especially with kids already taken away amd he is living with a sex offender. But you have to do all the legal paperwork. Best thing in cases like this is to get a lawyer.
My daughters dad molested her and the judge wouldn’t take away his rights. All he did is he is not allowed near her til she is 18. He is currently in prison.

Depends on the state. You can’t in Oklahoma. The only way there is if you remarry and spouse adopts. (I think that’s a wad of bull)
:crossed_fingers:t2: Hope everything works out well for you and the kids!

I’m in texas!!! If you are not married and he didnt sign that paper in the hospital that acknowledges paternity that they do here (I just had a baby here in texas 7 months ago) then he has no rights. He would have to file to establish them.

You should most definitely pull his rights. He hasn’t been involved. However, you keep stating you kicked him out. Not sure if the courts will look at that as abandonment.

You have a good case but you need to contact a lawyer because nobody on here is a lawyer.

And even if they are a lawyer if they are good lawyer if they’re going to tell you to call their office not talk to them over Facebook


Get a lawyer. Don’t ask Fb for help. Good luck


After 2 years yes… look up the texas family law on abandonment… and talk to a lawyer

Following as Id like to know for my situation as well

In my state none of that is enough to pull a bio parents rights.


Consult a lawyer, not the internet.