Can I get my daughters last name changed without her dads consent?

My babydad wants nothing to do with our daughter he refuses to be involved he’s even mentioned signing over his rights for her (because he doesn’t want the responsibility or to pay child support anymore) he spends all his time with his son from a previous relationship and only wants to be involved with his son. I don’t want him signing his rights over just have her last name changed. Does anybody know how I’d be able to get that done? (with or without his consent)


Not until rights have been signed over. Until then he must give consent.

In some states, it doesn’t matter if he signs over rights or not. He would still be considered the noncustodial parent and would still have to pay child support.


If he signs over rights, sometimes the government automatically changes the childs last names. No rights means no last name rights.

You have to have consent unless rights were given up

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He would have to agree with it and even if he were to sign his rights over it wouldn’t get him out of paying child support.


Where I live (not sure if it’s the same everywhere) you have to have both parents consent to change a child’s name.

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You can change her name but he needs to sign a paper he dosent need to sign over his rights to do this …when I was younger my mom. Put an add in paper for him my dad to show up for court due to not knowing where he was never answered so we got our last name changed without him signing .go to your local court house and get info its it’s really not that hard to change

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I think you just have write a letter to notify him that he changed his last name.

I didn’t need consent from my child’s father cause there was a previous domestic charge between us and I have custody. One of my friends forged her kids dads name, but I don’t recommend that and that was 15 years ago :joy:

In Florida Abandonment is the loophole…if he is not involved then he has no say. They will search and inquire but if you have proof he has abandoned her you can change it. Google your state laws on this

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If he wants nothing to do with child why not let him give up his rights???


I think he has to sign his rights over to get her name changed but I’m not really for sure

He’s obligated to pay child support regardless of visitation and rights in most states I’m pretty sure. As far as the name change, in a lot states if he’s on the birth certificate, you need his approval. I think this is true even if you have sole legal custody but I’m not 100% sure and I think it varies state to state.

So he can’t just sign off his kid. There has to be someone to assume that position if he gives it up. However… if he already doesnt want to be around why not just talk to him and get his consent and move forward.

It’s possible but not likely. If he contests for any reason, you’d have to have a really strong argument as to why her having that last name would be a detriment to her. Judges will usually only over ride the other parent’s consent if it’s something really bad (something like dad or other family member with that last name was in the local news for a terrible crime and you fear your child will receive community backlash - like that kind of bad)
Also most states don’t allow a parent to give up rights unless there is a other step parent that you are legally married to that is willing to assume the rights and responsibility for the child

Yes!!! He had to be notified but you do not need him to sign off on it!!

No. You sure can’t he has to consent and sign the papers too sorry

Doing it now for my son and you need his consent. My sons dad is serving life in prison and we still had to have his signature/consent

yes u can change the childs name u just have to file the proper forms to have it done…u cant take his name off or have his rights terminated without cause. but u can change her name if u choose to. (u need to petition for change of name, have all her forms, and a verify the residency for ur state.)

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