Can I hear getting pregnant on IUD stories?

I’m curious about people’s stories who have become pregnant with an IUD

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I’ve had an IUD for 5 years, and switched it out before I moved across country. 7 months later, I took a test and was positive. I found out I was 8 weeks, and had to have emergency surgery. The embryo got stuck in my left tube, and had to remove a section of my left tube. Turns out my IUD moved.

My baby was born with the mirena next to him… almost looked like a rattle on the ultrasound.

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I had the 10yr copper T IUD. Came out of place and peirced thru my cervix. Was hell having them DIG that sucker out.

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I’m so sorry you ladies went through this. :disappointed: I have always refused to get any implant. Scary!

I had the Mirena and fell pregnant. My baby was born at 26 weeks on the 8 July 2020. He is still in NICU going on 3 months now


Honestly, I never considered IUD because of the horror stories. It can either fall out without you realizing and it causes alot of pregnancy complications, such as Ectopic Pregnancy. If you are pregnant with an IUD, I pray your pregnancy is successful with no issues.

Friend of had a baby and it was holding the device in its hand

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I had the skyla IUD for 3 years. Got it taken out and I became pregnant only to have a miscarriage. Now I am pregnant again and I was diagnosed with a thin cervix and at risk for preterm labor. My doctor told me that any time your cervix is disrupted it can become weaker/thinner. It was horrible getting the IUD put in, I will never go for it again.

I had an iud in for about a year when it failed, I was about 7 weeks and they removed it and my next ultrasound it showed the baby disnt grow past that. (That was my 2nd miscarriage) my son was about 2 at the time. Then almost a couple years later had my now 5 y/o daughter and got on the pill for and ended up pregnant with my now almost 5 y/o. Everyone has different experiences

I got pregnant with twins with a copper iud. It was “in place”…just one of those things I guess. :woman_shrugging:

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7 years with the copper IUD and no issues

I got pregnant on the mirena and they couldnt remove it and he was healthy 8 pound baby

I did, was my own fault, didn’t realize it had been ten years which for a paraguard is over the time limit. they removed it, no problems. Lost him at 26 weeks, likely due to a combo of a heart defect and an antibiotic that was recalled 6 months after i lost him due to patients w/ heart issues dying after taking it.

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I had a mirena they took it out told me I would most likely miscarry I bled heavy for a week and spotted a second week they had me come in once each week to draw blood and check my hormone levels told me levels were going up so they scheduled an ultrasound when I went to the ultrasound they said it was a viable pregnancy and the bleeding was caused from a hematoma weeks after that they did another ultrasound and I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 28 weeks I woke up went to the bathroom and had a major bleeding event with huge blood clots I was scared I lost her i was hospitalized on bed rest until 34 weeks when they did an emergency c section I had 3 more major bleeding events before they told me they couldn’t risk putting it off any more I got magnesium twice once at 28 weeks and again at 32 weeks also 2 shots of steroids in the ass also at 28 weeks and 32 weeks she was born 5 lbs 8 oz. And was in the NICU for 3 weeks

Yes my son came out holding my iud in his hand on delivery! Born perfectly healthy! It was the Mirena!


these kids come when they want :two_hearts:

I had the iud when I got pregnant last year. I actually went to change mine out when the OB required a pregnancy test before placing another. And surprise surprise, I now have a 8 month old. We had no issues, she removed it and baby grew fine! She said it must have been slightly bumped as it was still in the correct place with no issues visible. So she said a good bump must have happened :woman_shrugging:t4:

Had tubal pregnancy with iud