Can I hear stories about your tubal?

Good and bad stories about having tubes tied at age 27? This will be my 5th child. Please post anonymously


I had mine done after my 4th

I had my 4th child at 30 and had a tubal during my c-section. During the last 7 years, my periods have gotten progressively worse. Horrible cramping, heavy bleeding, clots. The headaches and full body aches that come with it every month now are horrible. I used to bleed for about 4 days, very light. Now, it’s 7-10 days and like someone stabbed me in the vagina. Not to mention all the weight I picked up after my tubal. If you’re done with kids, I suggest the IUD. I had that before I had my 3rd child. 5 years, no periods and no pregnancies. Zero symptoms with it.

Had mine done after my 4th in 1999 and in 2013 got pregnant with TWINS!


I had mine done during my 3rd c section in 09.

I had mine done at the age of 22… 6 weeks after my 2nd child was born… That was 15 almost 16 years ago… I regret it every month… Not because I want more kids but because I have so much pain, mood swings, heavy heavy bleeding and just god awful PMS since I had my surgery… If I would have had more information I would have NEVER had the surgery my husband would have just gotten snipped…


Had mine after 3rd child in 2003, and no problems.

The worst part was the air they inflate you with made my SHOULDERS hurt so bad. Something about the air pushing up on the diaphragm. Other than that the cramping and light bleeding afterwards was not that bad.

Following. I’m 21 but I’m absolutely DONE having kids and am thinking about it. I have 2 babies and have such horrible pregnancies, I never wanna be pregnant again. I’d never be opposed to adoption, but I cannot go through pregnancy again

I had mine done after my second, at 27. Kinda regret it, kinda don’t. 5 children sounds perfect!

I had mine in August after my 3rd. I was 24 (I’m 25) now. I had it done with my c-section. I like it. Periods suck for me now but nothing but Chocolate can’t fix!
Since I was having a c-section? The tubal was easier for me to do.
I gained about 10lbs but I’m ok with that. Now I got a little but.
I bloat more often but that’s fine.

Had my in 2017 and I have heavy monthlys now other than that no other problems

Do NOT have the clips put on. Have them taken out!


Had mine done 3 years ago 9 months after my 3rd. I have 5 clips total and the first month or two was rough for my period… more cramping than normal. But I definitely would do it again…

I had four kids, was 30. Had my tubes removed. Went fine. Hurt pretty good afterwards healing up. Completely regret it now. Id love to have another. Told my husband hope he is ready cause ill be trying to foster/adopt soon. I miss my littles

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I have had the worst periods and PMS of my life. Gained 30 lbs. Horrible mood swings. Pain, body aches, Fatigue ( constant) If I had to do it over again there is no way in hell I would have it done again. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I had it done at 35. Im now 40.


I’m 24 and had mine done Last July I believe after having my 2nd baby, personally the recovery and everything was easy. The belly button incision was the most sore out of them but not awful.

Had mine done at 23, after second child (2017). I got an uterine infection and that was painful but I don’t know if it was from having them tied or what… Periods were HORRIBLE, like bleeding through ultra plus tampons within 45 minutes (sometimes less) But I got the mirena a year ago and now I use light tampons :raised_hands:t2:

Had mine curtized at in 1970. Have been thankful ever since. No problems.

Got my tubes tied on the 17th of last month. I’m 23 years old with 2 biological, and 3 step children. The recovery was not bad at all. I was super sore the first and second day, but could resume all normal activity after that. I don’t regret getting it done, and haven’t had any issues yet. In all reality, it is going to be different for everyone, as there is always chance of complication.

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